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This plugin can help you to create download area on your website. Script automatically scan directory for available files and subdirectories and create download-page.

You can upload files directly or with FTP-client.

For building directory tree I used the transparent gif file named "transparent.gif", placed in "/images" folder. You can create file by yourself or download ready to use file.

The <txp:egl_filelist /> tag accepts the following attributes:

Defines folder for scan. Be sure, that your rights are enough for read directory.
By default (or in case empty string) "[docroot/]files/" directory is used.
Be care - fist slash will point to root dir of the server.
Path must be ended with trailing slash.

Example 1: dirname=''/bin/src/"
Example 2: dirname=''/home/www/files/"
Example 3: dirname=''download/"

URL for download from.

Default: empty
Example: url_dl=""
URL must be ended with trailing slash.

This information is available in Russian.

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28 Nov 2006

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