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Display word count and comments

wet_article_info is a plugin that displays word counts for body and excerpt on the Content…


Poll / Ballot / Voting plugin


Poll – Ballot – Voting plugin


  • Create votes/polls/ballots for your website.
  • Vote Info is added/edited on the Admin->Vote tab.
  • Presently up to 10 vote options can be set.
  • Ballot fraud check methods include a choice of cookie, ip, login. Cookie (default) reverts to IP if cookie can’t be set.
  • A closing date and time for your ballot can be set. Leave blank or set to ’00-00-00 00:00:00’ for a never ending vote.
  • Option to show results before voting closes or not. (Unless never-ending vote chosen)



Unlog me and site admin

Escape logging. Strip Textpattern’s visitor logs from records caused by site admins and staff, and IPs of your choosing.


Display Textpattern version

This extremely simple and tiny plugin displays the version number of Textpattern running on your site. It outputs plaintext which can be linkified if desired. Typically, its output is “Textpattern 4.2.0”, or whatever your version is.


Display article info such as word counts to your visitors. Word count available on the Write tab too

Return article body and excerpt counts to your visitors. Also displays a tally of the number of words in the current article on the Write tab.


Counts images and provides a conditional tag

This plugin provides two new tags:

  • <txp:ckr_image_count /> – output the count of all images
  • <txp:ckr_if_image_count></txp:ckr_if_image_count> – a conditional tag


Piwik integration

Used to generate the JavaScript code for the Piwik open source web analytics tool.


Calculator for TXP variables

adi_calc does calculations using TXP variables. See the help supplied with the plugin, or have…


Comment Sofa plugin

It can generate a cloud or a list for commenters who commented the most. OR…

rsx_page_number [revised]

Display page numbers on article list pages

A new version of Ramanan Sivaranjan’s textpattern plugin , originally found on I’ve added some options and a new tag.

Offers the following tags to display page numbers on article list pages: rsx_page_number, rsx_last_page_num, rsx_page_number_nav, rsx_page_number_list, and rsx_to_of.


Have users rate articles

Let your users rate articles with a plus or minus (yes/no, thumbs up/down) using this refresh-less javascript-reliant plugin!


htn_comment_count is a plugin for counting comments, articles, discussions.

htn_comment_count allows you to show the total number of all comments, your discussions and articles. The plugin also has some basic filter-functions.

htn_comment_count_user can output the number of comments of a single user.


Files and downloads statistics.

fox_files_stats is able to print out a few statistics about the files, like the number of files, the number of downloads, the size of downloaded files and so on.


get the number of your current Feedsubscribers via Feedburner-API

htn_feedstats is a plugin to get the number of your current Feedsubscribers via the Feedburner-API. The plugin has a build-in caching-function to preserve your server-performance.


an7_comments allows you to use customizable comment counts and global popup comment invitations, includes modal overlay support

an7_comments allows you to use customizable comment counts and global popup comment invitations. Includes support for mediaboxAdvanced modal lightbox style overlays.

wet_slimpattern: Integrate SlimStat web statistics into Textpattern

Integrates SlimStat with Textpattern

wet_slimpattern integrates Textpattern with hit logging code from SlimStat, an open source web statistics package…


List Popular Articles

This plugin use txp_log table to determine the most accessed articles in the present year…



This little (very little) plugin make a counter view of an article using a custom…


TXP Logs + Google Maps

The rss_googlemap_stats plugin displays recent visitors to your site on a Google Map along with…

xor_sectiontools 0.2.0

XOR Section Tools

The XOR SectionTools plugin for TextPattern features several powerful tools for handling sections and categories…

rsx_page_number [original]

Display the page number of an article list page.

Offers the following tags to display page numbers on article list pages: rsx_page_number, rsx_last_page_num, rsx_page_number_nav, rsx_page_number_list.


Multiple poll plugin

pap_xpoll is based on x-poll by X-scripts.


Output the number of users who have accessed (a section) of your site in the past x seconds.

This tag will output the number of distinct users who have accessed your site in…


Most Popular Page View From bbClone

This plugin will list the x most popular pages according to hits received in bbClone.…


Full polling capacity for Textpattern

tcm_poll is a plugin system in the style of tcm_rating , which uses an extra database table, one php file, and two plugins to provide full polling capacity for Textpattern. It utilizes extra fields for poll questions and answers.


Counts images in an article or category

A simple plugin that counts how many images there is in an article or a category or just total number of images uploaded to TXP.


Textpattern rating system

Allows a rating system.


Output current comment number

Allows for outputting current comment number.


Displays the most popular articles according to your log.

This plugin scours your log file to determine the most accessed articles. Articles are displayed…


Word count tags

Two tags are made available with this plugin: rsx_word_count (number of words in a post),…

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