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htn_comment_count is a very simple plugin which allows you to grab the number of your global comments (all comments in your weblog), your discussions (articles which have comments) and the number of your articles (even without comments). The plugin also has some basic filter-functions. You can filter out comments of the authors with a list of email-adresses which shouldnt be counted and you can choose if all comments get counted or only the visible comments.

htn_comment_count_user is the second function of this little plugin. With this function you can output the number of comments of a single User. This function can be used in your “comment”-form to display how many times the users has already commented an article with the given email-adress. The only option you have for this function is “ifempty” which is the text that apears if the user hasnt writen any other comments yet. So something like <txp:htn_comment_count_user ifempty="Nada" /> could output something like “Numbers of other comments in this weblog: Nada”.


<txp:htn_comment_count />


<txp:htn_comment_count_user />





  • show: Default is “comments”. other values can be “discussions”, which outputs the number of articles with comments, “articles”, which outputs the number of all Live-Articles in your Weblog, and “pending” which is the number of comments in your database that currently is invisible (like spam or comments that are awaiting moderation).
  • get: If set to “all”, the plugin will count ALL comments in your Database, even those which are invisible for your visitors. In Default the plugin only counts comments which are visible.
  • admins: Here you can define a list of email-adresses that should be filtered out while counting the comments. To use more then one mail-adress, simple seperate them with a comma, like “,,”


Show the number of all comments in your weblog that are public.

<txp:htn_comment_count />

Show the number of all comments in your weblog that are public, but not your own ones.

<txp:htn_comment_count admins="" />

Show the number of all comments in your weblog, but not your own ones.

<txp:htn_comment_count get="all" admins="" />

Show the number of all discussions (articles with comments), even when the comment is invisible.

<txp:htn_comment_count get="all" show="discussions" />

Show the number of all Live-Articles

<txp:htn_comment_count show="articles" />

Show the number of comments that are invisible

<txp:htn_comment_count show="pending" />
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28 Nov 2007

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