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pap_xpoll is based on x-poll by X-scripts. All credits go to X-scripts.


Unlimited option choices for Polls.
Choose from protecting your polls with IP and/or Cookie Protection.
Choose the images that are displayed for each option when displaying a polls result. Even get X-Poll to randomise them each time.
Choose when the poll starts.
Choose when the poll expires.
Choose how often (years/months/days/hours/minutes/seconds) the user can vote on the same poll.
Decide if users can view results before they vote.
Add/Edit/Delete/View Polls
Use the IP Blocker to prevent malicious users from voting.
Upload/Rename/Delete images that can be used in poll results.

Display polls on your website:

Insert <txp:pap_xpoll /> in your page template, a form or an article where you want the poll to be displayed. This will display the latest visible poll of all your polls.
To display a specific poll on a page (for example a poll with ID 2) insert <txp:pap_xpoll poll="2" /> in your page template. It’s safe to display one poll on every page. If you display more than one poll on the same page, the submit your vote function will work fine for each poll, but if you click on the “view results” link, the results of all polls on the same page will be displayed.
The poll form and the results will be displayed on the same place.
This plugin has been tested with all default url modes of textpattern 1.0rc3 (version of 29 april 2005) using sections and categories (url like siteurl/?c=anything).
You can asign CSS to the poll form and the results output (see help text for the id’s).


Unzip the contents of Copy the xpoll and install folders to your textpattern folder on your webserver.
Open textpattern/install/install.php on your webserver. Below are descriptions of the values you will need to enter:
$user_db = This is your MySQL username (DEFAULT = ‘root’)
$pass_db = This is your MySQL password (DEFAULT = ‘’)
$host_db = The name of the host Textpattern resides (e.g. localhost)
$db = Enter the name of your txp database.
Point your browser to textpattern/install/install.php and follow the options and press install. This will add 4 tables (polls, options, ip, blocked – without any table_prefix) to your txp database.
Delete the textpattern/install folder after the installation.
Insert into the textpattern/xpoll/htaccess file on line 1 and 2 your domainname. Rename the htaccess file to .htaccess.
Install the pap_xpoll plugin from pap_xpoll.txt.
You should then find in the admin section of textpattern a page named “polls” under the “extensions” tab.

Please see the help text for further information. This Version 0.1 is only available in english. But I’m working on a german translation and the general possibility to add other language files.

This is my first plugin, so forgive me if anything goes astray.

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04 Jul 2005

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