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section and URL based on POST or GET variables in URL.

This tag works very similarly to article_custom, except that the section and url_title of the article(s) displayed are determined by either POST or GET variables in the URL


Email posts as they're published

When you publish a new post, this plugin will mail it to everywhere (email address of course :D) you want.

That means, you can publish the post onto other BSPs, which support email publish feature (like live space, or blogger), just as the same time you publish on textpattern.


Pipe neighboring articles into an article form

<txp:jmd_neighbor/> allows for next and previous articles to be output in an article form. This…


Access the author's username and email address, and modify the real name display.

This plugin provides access to an author’s username and email address. It can also modify…


table of contents generator

Contains one tag, soo_toc, which will produce a linked and nested table of contents for an article, based on the article’s headings (h1, h2, etc. tags).


displays live word count update when editing articles

basically like zem_article_info, except this plugin provides live word count update as you type, permalink, and displays the current article id. (link and id don’t show up until you actually save the article of course)


Used in conjunction with the built-in search, this offers alternative spelling / close matching words for bad typing

Offers people searching your site the ability to mis-spell or badly type words and still…


Permits multiple conditional if checks against TXP / URL / Server variables

Compares any TXP fields with any other text/fields using a variety of conditional operators such as equals, contains, not, greater than, isnumeric etc. Tests can be combined with AND/OR logic.


Automatically generate magazine-style pullquotes from article text.

Automatically generate magazine-style pull quotes from your article content.


Social Bookmarking Quick Links

Social bookmarking plugin for textpattern. Currently supported are:,,,,
More will come in the next version and per request.


Offers custom text replacement; from emoticons and smilies to keyword links.

an7_filter offers custom text replacement; from emoticons and smilies to keyword links.


Endmark/glyph for last paragraph

Put a glyph inside the end of your article’s last paragraph to indicate the end.


fox_code is a bridge to thepowerful GeSHi syntax highlighter (110+ languages supported).

fox_code (Textpattern 4.4 compatible) is a bridge to the powerful GeSHi syntax highlighter (110+ languages supported). It allows you to customize your code sections thanks to it’s integration with textpattern’s templates.


A plugin to get the related content widget running.

Using this plugin, you can get a sphere widget onto your textpattern site all quick-like!


Add the versions of the articles

This plugin enable you to store versions of the articles. You can see the differences between versions.


Pending article notification.

Publishers receive an email when an article is Pending, and the author when receives an…

wet_quicklink: A simple point and click method of building site internal links

Quick internal link builder for Textpattern articles

wet_quicklink extends the back end by adding a simple point and click method of…


Implements smart "digg this" button in article

A Textpattern plug-in which adds an <notextile><txp:mta_digg_it /></notextile> tag which will embed a smart, JavaScript “Digg This” button (with submit capability) in your article. The first time someone clicks on the “Digg This” button, they’ll be brought to’s link submission page with most of the information about the link already filled out (you can provide more or less information using various attributes). Any subsequent clicks will be brought to to “digg” the article.

wet_if_status: Check for an article’s “live” or “sticky” status

Checks for "Live" or "Sticky" article status

wet_if_status contains two conditional tags which check for an article’s status being either “live” or…


tag to replace article_id tag to return ID or URL title

A Textpattern plug-in that adds an mta_article_id tag which is intended as a replacement for the built-in article_id tag and extends it to optionally return the “URL title” instead of the numerical “id” of the article.


Show contents of database field

Use this tag to access all fields from Textpattern article table in database.


Article index made from heading titles anchors in the article body

This plugin creates a list of links pointing to anchors present in heading titles in the body of an article, so the user can easily navigate through it. It must be used in an article form.


Automatic Article Excerpts

The rss_auto_excerpt plugin automatically displays article excerpts even if an excerpt has not been saved…


Microformat Plugin for Textpattern

pnh_mf is a plugin that adds a simple way to incorporate microformats such as XFN, hCard, hReview and hCalendar into your website.


Beginning of Article to Form Excerpt

This plugin automatically generates excerpts from the body of each article based on attributes you provide. Attributes include, length of excerpt, text of a “read more” link, the css class applied to a span that wraps around this link, the format of the link (inside or outside the paragraph), and the name of a custom field to use to specify the “read more” link.

SimplePie Plugin for Textpattern

Super-fast, easy-to-use RSS and Atom parsing, powered by SimplePie

SimplePie Plugin for Textpattern: a super-fast, easy-to-use RSS and Atom parser.


Syntax-Highlighting for code with GeSHi

ske_geshi is a plugin for Textpattern which allows you to post some code snippets in a friendly and clear manner. The syntax will be highlighted using the fabolous Generic Syntax Highlighter GeSHi.


Parses RSS into TxP articles

bit_rss parses RSS feeds using SimplePie and outputs feed items as TxP articles so you can use article forms to control the output of this plugin.


This plugin creates an animated slideshow of images for the current article.


An automated copyright notice generator.

Updated to v1.0 (May 10th, 2006)

A simple plugin that outputs a copyright message with dates automatically pulled from the articles in your TXP installation.

This effectively means you (and your clients) can forget about having to do copyright notice maintenance—yeah!

All 1086 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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