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zem_article_info is a very simple plugin that displays some extra information on the article > write page.

When editing an existing article, you’ll see something like this just below the Last Modified details:

705 words (680 + 25) | permlink

The first item is a word count: the total words, followed by individual counts for the body and excerpt. The second is a link to the article’s permlink page.

The information is not real time; it is updated when you save an article or open it for editing.

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
Oct. 1, 2005
Posted here:
03 Oct 2005

If there is a comment form at the Information URL, you may want to leave your comments/questions there for quicker feedback. Otherwise, comment away:

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Commented (4)

I had requested a permlink on the write page a while ago, but no one replied.

Thank you very much for making this plugin.
This is so simple but so useful! Thank you so much.

This half-way makes my implementation complete for my client. They’d really like to be able to insert links to other articles inside the article they are currently writing. With this plugin they’ll be able to find the link that much more easily – but imagine if they could search and insert links in a similar way to Mary’s upm_img_popper…

I wonder if this could be extended?

a head-slappingly obvious and useful plugin;

I modified the line starting ”$line” by adding (without quotes) ” | id: $id”;” to the end. The result is in addition to the word count and permlink the article ID appears as so:

xx words | permlink | id: xx

This is helpful if you prefer your clients not have to hover over the article to read the ID from the browser status bar. Still great & useful plugin!!

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