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cab_social — Social bookmarking plugin for textpattern

Supported sites

Currently supported are:,,,,
More will come in the next version and per request (you can find my email at


  1. Install plugin per usual.
  2. Activate plugin per usual.
  3. Upload icons (from to your website (e.g. http://url/images/social)


  1. Include <txp:cab_social /> in the article form.
  2. Use any of the following attributes:
    1. sites (default: delicious,diff,reddit,facebook,stumbleupon).
      1. A list of social bookmarking sites you would like to use, separated by commas. NO SPACES.
    2. tag (default: p)
      1. tag that will enclose each social bookmarking link (e.g. p, li, div, span, etc.). Note that if you use, say, li, you will have to manually enclose it in ul or ol.
    3. class (default: social)
      1. class for the tag above
    4. imgdir (disabled by default)
      1. An URL to directory where you stored icons (e.g. http://url/images/social or /images/social)
    5. imgclass (default: socialimage)
      1. class for the icon image
    6. background (default: 1)
      1. Whether to embed the link icon as CSS background (recommended) or HTML img.


You can download the icons from:

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23 Aug 2007

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