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A quick and dirty php-variable-dumper

A quick and dirty php-variable-dumper.

License GPL v2 or (at your option) any later version.

v0.2 Can also show constants and list functions


Customizable menu page

This (my first txp plugin written from scratch) provides a customizable menu page. Because it adds a toplevel tab, it should be reachable with just one click from anywhere within your textpattern installation. You can store links to the most often needed pages in textpattern, other pages on your server or to anywhere in the...


Like txp:hide but with a feature or two

Show or hide code/content blocks depending on site production status.


Admin-side partner to Multidoc

Easy Multidoc collection management


This plugin help creating multiple categories at once.

This plugin help creating multiple categories at once.


Require textpattern 4.3.0 or above

Activate the plugin

it adds title “Multiple category creator” at the bottom of “Content/Categories” tab.

How it works

Click on “Multiple category...


Output and conditional tags for article modifcation information

Show last-modified author; run conditionals on last-modified date or author.


Easy EditArea integration

Makes in-browser code editing surprisingly pleasant


Add falling snow to your Textpattern site.

Quick plugin based on a tip by Marc Carson meantioned here which uses Jason Brown’s...


Monitor your web site files and alarm if anything changes

Keep an eye on your Textpattern installation by monitoring server files and alerting you if anything for changes (additions, deletion or alterations)


Create and manage multiple image thumbnails of arbitrary dimensions

Add, remove and manage as many different sized image thumbnails as you like associated with your main image


Assign alias URLs to articles for 301 redirection

The motivation for this plugin came from wanting short URLs in print media to reference articles with complicated URLs. What if, in a newsletter, we could say:

To read more, see:

instead of

To read more, try to type this...


Automatically resize uploaded images

Textpattern 4.2.0+ and GD required. Textpattern 4.3.0 required to handle PNGs with alpha transparency.
Download here.

Please see the forum thread for more details and support.


Admin splash page

Textpattern 4.2.0+ recommended, tested and working as low as 4.0.7 however. Download here.

Please see the TXP Tip and forum thread for more details and support.


Output all values of a glz_custom_field

Textpattern 4.2.0 recommended, glz_custom_fields required. Download here.

Please see the forum thread for more details and support.


Custom sorting of sections

Textpattern 4.5+ required. Download here.

Please see the forum thread for more details and support.


Preference Sets

adi_prefs gives you an admin interface for managing different sets of preference values.

See the help supplied with the plugin, or have a look online.

The Preference Sets tab

This provides:

  • a...


Add you recently listened songs from to your website.

Add your recently listened songs from to your website using a <txp: /> tag.


Add categories directly from the Write tab

Type a list of categories directly in a box on the Write tab to have those categories created immediately and linked to the current article.


Upload, edit, sort and preview article image

This plugin allows to upload, edit, sort and preview article images directly from the ‘write’ tab.


Temporarily override global preference

This is a tiny little Textpattern plugin that let’s you temporarily override site preferences in templates. This is useful if perhaps you want to slightly alter the global behaviour of articles or comments (for example) in a particular section. The preference is not altered in the database, just in the template.


Automatic wrapper


This plugin will wrap its contents in an HTML tag – but only if there’s something to wrap.


Simply put the adi_wrap tag around the contents you need wrapped up:

<txp:adi_wrap wraptag="HTML...


Quickly pull articles out of the page flow and show them on the home/landing pages

Pimp articles on your front / landing pages without fuss. Click the article(s), assign optional label/description text and hit Save. Plugin tags then allow you to show the articles out of their normal context — usually on your home page.


Add a useful code editor to Textpattern's Presentation tabs

Simply takes Christophe Dolivet’s EditArea, a free javascript editor for source code, and uses it to enhance the textareas inside your Textpattern admin area’s Presentation tab.


Test and see code execution times

Rah_runtime returns execution time between a tag pair. The plugin can be used diagnose and test parts of code, and to pinpoint the source of a slowly executing page.


Revision control

Track changes made to articles, forms, pages, style sheets, sections, categories and site preferences.


Embed math formulae in textpattern articles.

Embed math formulae and other Latex-rendered output in textpattern articles.


Upload and edit files from the write tab

Upload and edit files from the write tab


Converts MS Excel spreadsheet to xHTML table.

Outputs the specified Microsoft Excel (.xls) file as an xHTML table. Includes server-side caching for optimum performance.


Partial caching web pages

Caching all inside <txp:aks_cache id="unique block id"> Any content with TxP tags </txp:aks_cache>

Good practice:

  • Cache some menu elements; recent articles list; last added articles list; any popular lists.
  • Cache cloud tags
  • Cache site...


Display your formatted Twitter feed on your Textpattern site

atb_twitter displays feeds from microblogging platforms (Twitter and sites based on StatusNet, including on your website, using a Textpattern form for formatting, so you can do something like...

All 1065 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.