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lwh if article

Displays Blog posts by [forename] [feed] (within a paragraph where [] = href’s) if the user supplied has published an article.


title – Use the title of the article (for team pages) [default: false]

class – Adds the class defined to the paragraph tag [default: false]

link_class – Adds the class defined to the [forename] href [default: false]

name – Real Name (as shown in the users list) [default: emtpy]

uri – First part of uri to direct to [default: /author/]

feed – Adds link to rss feed [default: true]

feed_class – Adds the class defined to the [feed] href [default: false]

feed_uri – First part of uri to direct to [default: /feeds/]

feed_title – Text to display within the [feed]‘s a tags [default: feed]

feed_image – Path to image to use in place of feed_title [default: false]


< txp:lwh_if_article title=“true” class=“posts” feed_class=“socialLink noFloat” feed_image=”/images/Icons/rss.png” />

Create’s < p class=“posts”>Blog posts by < a href=”/author/chris+jackson/”>Chris< /a>< a rel=“alternate” href=”/feeds/chris+jackson/” class=“socialLink noFloat” >< img src=”/images/Icons/rss.png”>< /a>< /p>

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19 Jan 2011

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