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sho_urlencode is an extremely simple plugin similar to etz_striptags. It passes its argument to the php rawurlencode function and should work with all versions of Textpattern.
It was necessary to create this plugin in order to get the Facebook Like button working for me and keeping any php code from the forms.


<txp:sho_urlencode><txp:permlink /></txp:sho:urlencode>

In case the permlink looked like this:

it would be converted to

Tag reference

The following tags can be used:

  • <txp:sho_urlencode><txp:permlink /></txp:sho:urlencode>
  • <txp:sho_rawurlencode><txp:permlink /></txp:sho:rawurlencode>
  • <txp:sho_urldecode></txp:sho:urldecode> will return “”
  • <txp:sho_rawurldecode>foo%20bar%40baz</txp:sho:rawurldecode> will return “foo bar@baz”


  • v0.3 fixed help text to show proper tag names (Issue #1) (05-07-2012)
  • v0.2 enhanced plugin to allow all urlen/decode functions (12-07-2011)
  • v0.1 initial release (11-07-2011)
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11 Jul 2011

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