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Unlimited Article Categories

The rss_unlimited_categories plugin enables you to assign an unlimited number of categories to an article so that you’re not limited to the default number allowed by Textpattern (2).

In addition, the plugin enables recognition of /section/category URLs when you use either /section/title or...


This plugin allows inserting article by it's ID anywhere

This plugin allows inserting article by it’s ID anywhere.

The tag to use is: <txp:ied_doArticle id="1" /> which will insert the article’s body.

If you specify more than one id, coma-separating them, the id will be randomly chosen for you.

If you want the output to be textiled...


Create cached PDFs of your articles

The plugin _(mono)wan_pdf_ generates PDF-versions of your articles. The output is a link to the PDF-file. The PDFs are not generated every time the article is called, but only when the title or the body has changed. For this plugin I used xhtml2pdf and ufpdf which are based on fpdf. All needed files can be found at the end of this article.


Public Site Edit Links

The rss_article_edit plugin allows you to add an edit link for articles to you public website that can only be seen by you. Clicking the link will bring you into the TXP admin interface article editing view for that article allowing you to edit articles without having to search for them in the article listing. This...


Related articles by categories, keywords, custom fields, and/or author.

chh_related_articles is an enhanced version of txp:related_articles that can determine “relatedness” not just by comparing article categories, but also via keywords, authors, and/or custom fields, and by mapping values between any of these fields.


Article archives by date

Simple, fast and efficient article archives.


Conditional on Article ID

This Checks if the current article matches the given IDs.


There are 2 Methods:

<txp:thm_if_article article="ID1 [, ID2, ID3, ...]">
enclosed text to be output if the current article matches given...


A plugin to generate html for rendering text in multiple columns.

This is a little plugin that makes columns by taking any html (usually article bodies) and splits it up among multiple divs for use in creating multiple-column text layouts. All that is needed is a little CSS to make the magic work.


Category format based on number of categories. Edited version.

This plugin was originally released by Doug Kaiser II and recently brought back from the great plugin abyss by Henrik Jönsson.

The plugin allows for the display of article categories with customized separators and links.


Open 'Advanced Options' by default

This is a pretty simple plugin but a useful replacement for the Advanced Options open by default