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This plugin allows inserting article by it’s ID anywhere.

The tag to use is: <txp:ied_doArticle id="1" /> which will insert the article’s body.

If you specify more than one id, coma-separating them, the id will be randomly chosen for you.

If you want the output to be textiled add textile="y"

If you want to insert not the body of an article, but something else also, like it’s excerpt, add field="Excerpt".

Valid value for field attribute is any field’s name from the database: ID, Posted, AuthorID, LastMod, LastModID, Title, Title_html, Body, Body_html, Excerpt, Excerpt_html, Image, Category1, Category2, Annotate, AnnotateInvite, comments_count, Status, textile_body, textile_excerpt, Section, override_form, Keywords, url_title, custom_1, custom_2, custom_3, custom_4, custom_5, custom_6, custom_7, custom_8, custom_9, custom_10, uid, feed_time

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25 jan 2005
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25 Jan 2006

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