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This plugin gives you two more txp-tags:

  • txp:bas_links_per_article
  • txp:bas_if_links_per_article


This tag accepts the following attributes:

  • form     This attribute defines a form for the links output. If not set, the form Links will be used.
  • field     This attribute defines the used custom field. Must be set, unless you changed the $def_field in plugin code (in both functions!). If you change $def_field you don’t need to set field in the <txp:tag>. Atrribute field in the tag overrides the $def_field.


This conditional tag can be used to add some text or whatever to the links list. Accepts field, read above.


Add this in your presentation code:
<txp:bas_if_links_per_article field="2">
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<txp:bas_links_per_article field="2" />
</txp:bas_if_links_per_article field="2">

For article Textpattern you saved in custom field 2 “txp-ressource”.
In the link category txp-ressource you stored three links:


This example will put out the three links using the “Links”-form, when showing the article Textpattern.

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14 Mar 2005

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