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This plugin will add a link to your posts that will take you directly the edit screen in your textpattern install. The link is hidden by a cookie that you can turn on or off. You will need to be logged in to textpattern to be able to actually edit the post, this plugin provides a shortcut from a post directly to the edit screen.

First upload the files rsx_frontend_on.php and rsx_frontend_off.php to your website, and place them in a location you can reach. The textpattern directory is a good spot. You will need to run the rsx_frontend_on.php file to toggle the visibilty of the frontend edit link on. You can run the file rsx_frontend_off.php to turn the visibility off.

Simply place the tag <txp:rsx_frontend_edit_link> link text </txp:rsx_frontend_edit_link> anywhere on a form you use to display a post. This will create a link to the edit screen for that post.

If you want to use the plugin, grab this file: rsx_frontend_edit.txt. You will also need two php files to set and unset a cookie: rsx_frontend_on.php.txt, and rsx_frontend_off.php.txt. These last two files you will need to rename back to proper php files.

You can read more about this subject at brain-dump, though from a Moveable Type perspective.

*Update: The plugin has been fixed so it works with Textpattern 4.0. The change is small, the variable formally known as $pfr is now known as $hu. If there are any problems let me know. This version will not work with older versions of Textpattern.

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03 Dec 2004

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