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chh_related_articles is an enhanced version of txp:related_articles that can determine “relatedness” not just by comparing article categories, but also via keywords, authors, and/or custom fields, and by mapping values between any of these fields.

  • Uses categories, keywords, author, article ID, and custom fields for article comparison.
  • Accepts multiple fields, matching any or all of them.
  • Maps relationships between fields—e.g., links keywords to author, or a custom field to categories.
  • Matches categories exactly or with full subcategory descent.
  • Can restrict the article list to the current section or any number of specified sections.
  • Accepts sortby, sortdir, and excerpted attributes like txp:article_custom.
  • Creates a standard “wraptag/break” list like txp:related_articles or uses an article form to produce a full txp:article_custom-style article list.
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09 Dec 2005

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