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Easy spell checker (by Speller Pages) addition to the write tab of the Textpattern admin interface.

Easy spell checker (by Speller Pages) addition to the write tab of the Textpattern admin interface.


Import plugin for txp backend

I’ve needed a way to import some images into Textpattern, especially when adding more than one image the textpattern admin interface is not the best. So i found a plugin called aba_import_image, but i ran in some problems regarding double imports, and it really wasn’t so nice to use, meaning it had no interface at all. So i took it apart,...


More powerful image display

More powerful image display.


Replace File

This plugin adds a replace function to the file edit view.

With Textpattern version 4.0.6 file replacing is built in, so there is no need to use my plugin!


Sends an email if an error occurs

The plugin wan_error_email sends an email to the site-admin if an error occurs that is handled by textpattern (eg. a 404 not found error).


Public Site Edit Links

The rss_article_edit plugin allows you to add an edit link for articles to you public website that can only be seen by you. Clicking the link will bring you into the TXP admin interface article editing view for that article allowing you to edit articles without having to search for them in the article listing. This...


WYSIWYG article editor

Adds a TinyMCE based WYSIWYG editor to Textpattern.

This is an update for mic_tinymce, originally developed by Michele Campeotto.


Word count and article link for article edit pages

zem_article_info is a very simple plugin that displays some extra information on the article > write page.


Tab insertion within admin textareas

Allow tab insertion within admin textareas.


Tags for front end editing

The chh_admin_tags plugin offers several quick links for “front-end” editing of article content, page templates, and style sheets; the chh_if_admin tag allows content to be displayed only to users who are logged in as Textpattern administrators.


Database Management Plugin

The rss_admin_db_manager plugin gives you full control over your Textpattern database. It gives you the ability to backup your database, download your backups, restore your backups if necessary, view the current status of your database tables, repair them if necessary and run SQL statements against your data base. ...


Customise the Txp admin interface with CSS

This little plugin lets you add your own stylesheet to the TXP Admin Interface so that you can customse it with your own styles.


Associate single or multiple files with an article.

upm_file_packets is no more. You want upm_file and/or upm_file_popper.


Implement Alex King’s Quicktags for articles, forms and pages.

Plugin requires additional support files.


Hide fields from admin page

This plugin allows you to hide fields from the “Write Article” page. (I’ve used it to hide the “Use Textile” and “Keywords” sections so as to not confuse the guy for whom I’m designing a Textpattern-powered site.)


Adds new "save new" button on write tab

Adds a “Save New” button to the write tab.


TinyMCE based WYSIWYG editor

Adds a WYSIWYG interface to the admin Article “write” page.


QuikPik Admin Menu Plugin

This plugin adds a dropdown menu to the top of the Textpattern admin interface. The plugin contains default styling for the menu but you have the ability to override that default style.

The current version of the plugin is another follow up from the original previous quikpik menu...


Resize image and creates a thumbnail on upload

This is a admin plugin, it adds more options to Textpatterns image edit page. Resize image, create thumbnail and rotate image.

(Original at johan.galaxen.net)


Improved error reporting

zem_debug provides strict error reporting and improved error messages for Textpattern.

Where available (PHP 4.3) it will display the function responsible for each error or warning, which makes it much easier to identify buggy plugins.


Frontend Edit Link

This plugin will add a link to your posts that will take you directly the edit screen in your textpattern install. The link is hidden by a cookie that you can turn on or off. You will need to be logged in to textpattern to be able to actually edit the post, this plugin provides a shortcut from a post directly to the edit...

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