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This plugin adds a TinyMCE based WYSIWYG editor to Textpattern.


  1. Upload the included TinyMCE distribution to somewhere in your document root. The default location is in your /textpattern/ directory.
  2. Install the plugin included in hak_tinymce.txt and activate it. Installing plugins
  3. Go to Extensions -> hak_tinyme and run the installation.
  4. If you placed TinyMCE somewhere other then in /textpattern/ you can set the location now


  • The editor will not come on by default on blank articles if “Use Textile” is selected in the Preferences. If you want to use the editor all the time change the default to “Leave text untouched”
  • If textile is turned on it will be disabled if you toggle the editor on. Conversely if you turn Textile back on it will turn off the editor.

Known issues

  • This plugin requires version 4.2.0 or higher.
  • Safari and Opera support is only experimental.


This is an update of mic_tinymce, originally developed by Michele Campeotto.

A lot of the admin code was made possible by examining Mary’s plugins.

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01 Dec 2005

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