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Adds a WYSIWYG interface to the admin Article “write” page, with an integrated image manager and uploader, graphical emoticons and search and replace functions. The editor can be toggled on ro off for single articles.

Requires Textpattern 1.0RC3, Rev 198 or later (when admin-side plugin support was added).

Article Request Count:

Archived [?]: replaced by hak_tinymce

Initially released:
28 March 2005
Posted here:
01 Apr 2005
Article modified:
28 Mar 2008

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Commented (7)

A very cool plugin, indeed, which I might use in lowtech corporate projects. TinyMCE is light and standard compliant enough to work with. THX !
Very cool, but mozilla problem..
Great plugin, hightly welcome!

Exist a better solution?

I believe this plugin is no longer maintained.

I have picked up development of it


hakjoon’s plugin is well made in my localhost.But upload my sever,it load slowly.And mic_tinymce fast,has some problem.

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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