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This is a admin plugin, it adds more options to Textpatterns image edit page. Resize image, create thumbnail and rotate image.

(Original at

Patrick Kollitsch took ownership on the glx_admin_image_resize-Plugin by Johan Nilsson who has at currently not the time to maintain it. At the moment only two small bugs in presentation have been fixed. New features will follow.

This is an admin plugin that can resize images and create thumbnails on upload.


  • Textpattern 4.0.0 or greater
  • GD Support
  • and some (jpg) images to test it with

When upgrading from 0.3b

1. Delete old plugin (glx_admin_image_resize) 2. Delete old stylesheet (glx_admin_image_resize) 3. Install new version

If something went wrong with this version, 0.3b is still availible for download

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Archived [?]: broken download links

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27 Mar 2005

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