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Remembers the selected categories in write tab.

Remembers the selected categories in write tab.


Browse all 4 main content types on the admin side by Category using a select list

Using a dropdown select list, browse all main content types on the admin side by Category (and Section for Articles). Replaces lam_browse_by.


Custom sorting of sections

Textpattern 4.5+ required. Download here.

Please see the forum thread for more details and support.


Add categories directly from the Write tab

Type a list of categories directly in a box on the Write tab to have those categories created immediately and linked to the current article.


Unlimited tags / categories for articles, images, files and links.

Unlimited tags / categories for articles, images, files and links. Filter, relate, list, and display tagged content.


Weighted list of popular categories

A plugin for producing weighted lists of popular article categories that can be styled using CSS to take on the appearance of a category cloud. It’s based on the work of Mirko Jost.


Category & article menu

adi_cat_menu will produce a menu of child categories and their articles. By default, adi_cat_menu will…


An extension to txp:category that returns any parent element from the current (or named) category

Retrieves a parent category from any level “up the tree” of any given category


basically same as txp:popup except wraps each parent category in unselectable optgroup tag and lists each child category underneath them for better organization

lam_category_popup v0.5 download here idea derived from this thread basically the same thing as <txp:popup…


mah_category_array: Returns array of non-empty article categories.


Library function that returns an array of non-empty “article”, “link”, “image”, or “file” categories.


Weighted list of article categories

Attention: This plugin is in an early stage. Please be aware, that it may contain…


nfe_if_category is a conditional tag that works complementary to the built-in if_category tag. The tag…


jnm_categories is a simple plugin to display article’s categories, separated by ‘separator’ if second exists.…


Adds extra text to category names, either appended or prepended.

Adds extra text to category names, either prepended or appended.


Category popup with article count

<txp:rley_popup_cat /> creates a popup/dropdown list similar to <txp:popup type=“c” /> and <txp:zem_popup_cat />. It…


Conditional tags based on whether or not there are articles in a category

This is a simple plugin which counts the number of articles in a given category and provides conditional tags which you can use to show or hide elements of your site based on whether there are zero or more than zero articles in the category.


Unlimited Article Categories

The rss_unlimited_categories plugin enables you to assign an unlimited number of categories to an article…


Category Menu generator

This plugin generates a html list based on your site category structure.


Full menu control (custom order, visibility, no hacks)

This plugin allows you to display categories as a menu tree of nested list elements.…


Category conditional

This plugin was formerly mdm_if_category and has since been adopted as gho_if_category.


Context-sensitive articles navigation menu

Created based on some context-based textpattern plugins, this plugin goes recursively based on your current section and look for category names and leaf articles.


Section-sensitive articles category list

This simple plugin is basically equivalent to category_list, excepted that it is section-sensitive and only lists article categories with the article count next to the category.


Returns category title.

This plugin is no longer needed, as this ability is now supported by the built-in…


Displays an image for a category, provided one is available.


Improved Link Lists

This function works the same way as the current Textpattern linklist tag, with the additional…


Category format based on number of categories. Edited version.

This plugin was originally released by Doug Kaiser II and recently brought back from the…


optionally restrict display of categories to top-level only

ats_master_category_list is a very slight modification to category_list that allows for the output of a category list with only master categories. Use ats_master_category_list exactly as you would the normal category_list function; to restrict list to top-level categories only, add the parameter master


Popup category list

A context-sensitive popup category list for Textpattern, shows only categories associated with the current section.…


Passes content conditional on category

This plugin is used as such: <txp:mdm_if_category category="..."> stuff goes here </txp:mdm_if_category> The category attribute…


Create category lists as unordered lists

This works like the category_list tag, but instead of listing the categories out linearly, it…

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