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lam_category_popup v0.5 download here

idea derived from this thread

basically the same thing as <txp:popup /> except it wraps each parent category in an unselectable tag and lists each child category underneath them for better organization. (in other words, don’t assign any articles to a parent directory if you want to use this plugin, as they would not be selectable!)

kinda hard to explain in words so you can see an example of this plugin at work here (the popup selector on the right)


v0.5 – saved a query for each parent category called
v0.4 – cleaned up some undefined variables (thanks mattmikulla)
v0.3 – using getTree function instead of my own blubbery (thanks bloke)
v0.2 – woops forgot custom prefixes for tables
v0.1 – initial release


<txp:lam_category_popup />


Uses all the same attributes as <txp:popup /> (except “type” since theres no parent/child relationship for sections yet)

categories=“categories separated by commas”

  • Choose parent categories to include in popup list.
  • If left blank, ALL parent categories (including empty ones) will show up!

label=“label text”

  • Label for the top of the list.

wraptag=“wraptag text”

  • Character to be used as the wraptag.
  • Default is div


  • Jump to the selected category for the named section.
  • Default is empty.


  • Jump to the selected category for the currently active section. Available values: 1 (yes) or 0 (no).
  • Default is 0.

parentsort=“asc or desc”

  • Sorts parent categories.
  • Default is asc

childsort=“asc or desc”

  • Sorts child categories.
  • Default is asc

Example Tag:

<txp:lam_category_popup label="browse" categories="fish, vegetables" parentsort="desc" /> would produce a popup list akin to the following:



  • Cauliflower
  • Potatos
  • Tomatos


  • Cod
  • Haddock
  • Monkfish


Thanks to masa and mattmikulla for the idea. I currently don’t have a use for this plugin myself but I figured I’d give back to the community.

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26 Dec 2007

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