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A plugin for producing weighted lists of popular article categories that can be styled using CSS to take on the appearance of a category cloud. It’s based on the work of Mirko Jost.

As of version 0.2 this plugin has attributes for inclusion/exclusion of expired articles and option to turn weighting off.


This plugin produces a weighted category list for article categories. The categories output can be restricted by the number of associated articles, or by setting a limit on the number of months to search within from the current date. Only categories containing articles are listed.


<txp:arc_popular_category_cloud />


Example 1: Weighted category cloud for articles posted in the last two months

<txp:arc_popular_category_cloud limit=‘2’ />

Example 2: Weighted category cloud for categories associated with a minimum of 5 articles

<txp:arc_popular_category_cloud minposts=‘5’ />

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Initially released:
30 October 2008
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30 Oct 2008

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