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Attention: This plugin is in an early stage. Please be aware, that it may contain bugs. Comments and constructive criticism welcome!


This simple plugin is based on the plugin cbs_category_list from Christophe Beyls, but shows the category list as a weighted list, like a tag cloud.

Categories are displayed using their title for the selected section and sorted alphabetically by title. The font-size is calculated according to the number of associated articles in each category. If no article is found in the section for a category, this category is not shown. On my website you will find an example of how this plugin looks like.


<txp:mir_category_cloud />



  • none


  • section: The section to display the related article categories. When ‘default’ (the frontpage) is specified, it shows all categories related to sections which are part of the frontpage. Default is the ‘current section’.
  • sticky: When set to ‘true’, will display the category list of ‘sticky’ articles instead of ‘live’ articles. Default is ‘false’
  • posted: Either ‘past’, ‘future’ or ‘all’. Will only count articles with the specified publication date. ‘all’ is slightly faster because MySQL will be able to cache the query. Default is ‘past’.
  • parent: The parent category name. If specified, will return only the ‘direct’ children categories for this parent. It will not show children of children. Default is any category.
  • label: Label for the top of the list. Default is no label.
  • labeltag: Independent wraptag for label for the top of the list. Default is empty.
  • break: HTML tag to be used for line breaks, without brackets. Default is ‘br’
  • wraptag: HTML tag to be used as the wraptag, without brackets. Default is empty.
  • class: CSS class attribute for wraptag, default is ‘mir_category_cloud’.
  • activeclass: CSS class attribute for the currently active category, if any. By default, the active category is displayed like the other ones.
  • maxfont: Max. font-size in percent. Default: 200%.
  • minfont: Min. font-size in percent. Default: 80%.
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09. Juli 2007
Posted here:
08 Jul 2007
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11 Jul 2007

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worked perfectly, thanks ;)

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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