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Content informed conditional

Conditionally generate output depending on whether any of the enclosed tags generate content.


Avoid hazardous indexing

How to prevent indexing a test site and to serve (or not) content according to a given production status.


Serve content to EU visitors only

A conditional container tag to serve content to EU visitors only (e.g. a cookie-prompt: see usage notes below) or non-EU visitors (via <txp:else />) tag.


Detect Mobile Browser

Option 1:

<txp:pro_mobile> // Show mobile content here </txp:pro_mobile>

Option 2:

Use as an if/else:

<txp:pro_mobile> // Mobile content here <txp:else /> // Regular content here </txp:pro_mobile>

Option 3:

Define custom...


Apply wraptag / label to any tag, plugin or content and apply transformations to the data

Wrap any content with standard Txp wraptag / class / html_id / label items and run the content through a sequence of transformations in the process. If the content is empty, no wrap is performed or the <txp:else /> is executed.


Extends if_variable abilities

Treat your variables as strings or lists and compare them to strings or lists. A combination of if_variable and if_custom_field.

Main tag

  • cbe_if_variable

Two bonus...


Tests if an article is already released, or will be in the future

Take appropriate action when an article is published, or not yet.


Mobile browser detection

adi_mobile implements mobile browser detection, together with some website mode switch functionality and viewport measurement.

See the help supplied with the plugin, or have a look



Since dub_if_ajax is no longer up for grabs: here’s jdw_if_ajax .

This plugin is based off dub_if_ajax (no longer available) by Jamie Wilkinson. It uses the x-requested-with header to deliver different content to Ajax calls.

Addition of a new tag: jdw_if_not_ajax.


Container tag. When the...


Is this a section front page?

Similar to the glx_if_frontpage tag from the no-longer-supported glx_if plugin


Simple yet powerful image tags

Image tags that give image display the same kind of flexibility and power Txp already gives you for article display.


Simple 301 redirect with conditions

Simple 301 redirect with conditions. This plugin useful for redirect non exist pages or directories to other place.
(404 to 301 redirect)


Multiple choice (select... case) conditional actions

Multiple conditional tests using a select… case syntax for performing many tests against one item.


check if an article has been published within a given time

This simple plugin can be used to check if an article has been published within a given time.


conditional checks for 'month' parameter

Conditional tag checks existence and value of the month parameter (useful for archives)


Conditional if browsing from mobile device

This plugin adds conditional tag to determine, if user is browsing from mobile device, or not (using “else” clause). Browser detection function by Andy Moore – dotMobi Certified Mobile Web Developer. I’ve just wraped it into TxP plugin.


Permits multiple conditional if checks against TXP / URL / Server variables

Compares any TXP fields with any other text/fields using a variety of conditional operators such as equals, contains, not, greater than, isnumeric etc. Tests can be combined with AND/OR logic.


Conditional Host Name Plugin

This plugin is meant to help those who do Textpattern development on localhost or a subdomain. Sometimes you’ll want to do one thing on the in-development site, and another on the “live” site. The conditional tag provided by aam_if_host lets you do exactly that.


Enables to read and provide conditionals for PHP Global Variables, as referer's url, server's name, browser's type, GET and POST variables, ...

Enables to read and provide conditionals for PHP Global Variables, as referer’s url, server’s name, browser’s type, GET and POST variables, ...


nfe_if_category is a conditional tag that works complementary to the built-in if_category tag.
The tag outputs inclosed content if the loaded page belongs to a specified category or any of its children. This allows you to define ‘parent’ categories able to work as ‘sections’ work right now.

The tag...


Adds extra text to category names, either appended or prepended.

Adds extra text to category names, either prepended or appended.

wet_if_status: Check for an article’s “live” or “sticky” status

Checks for "Live" or "Sticky" article status

wet_if_status contains two conditional tags which check for an article’s status being either “live” or “sticky”, respectively.


Conditional tags based on whether or not there are articles in a category

This is a simple plugin which counts the number of articles in a given category and provides conditional tags which you can use to show or hide elements of your site based on whether there are zero or more than zero articles in the category.


conditional to expire article based on posted date

It tests for a set length of time, or greater, in the past against the posted time and returns true or false.

<txp:ras_if_expired offset=“4”>
statement if 4 days or more have passed since the posting date

This plugin has been replaced...


Posting time based article content selection.

Both ras_enable_articles and ras_disable_articles conditional tags are included. These conditional tags compare article posting dates to attribute settings and return contained content accordingly.


Conditionals based on dates

Using this conditional tag you can compare a date specified in an article custom field with a date specified in the tag or with ‘today’.
This way you can eg. control the visibility of an article or its part according to dates.


manage multiple domains with only one TXP

Allows you to manage multiple domains with only one Textpattern. Download it and read help for the instructions.


Conditional behavior with/without search results

The rss_if_search_results plugin allows for the conditional display of data when search results are (or are not) present on the current page.

Here are some example uses for this plugin.

I have results
I don't have...


conditional tag based on article image category

needs name=”” attribute

accepts else tag

wet_if_page: Check for page numbers in paginated article lists

Check for page number(s) in article lists

wet_if_page is a conditional tag. In article list mode, it takes a comma separated list of page numbers and compares it to the current page. The contained markup will be rendered when conditions are met, otherwise the “else” part is...

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