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This plugin will execute the contained statements if the ‘month’ parameter (see note below) has been set in the URL. Execution can optionally be dependent on the value of ‘month’. The tag may also be used with <txp:else /> to execute an alternative set of statements if the condition returns false.

Note – the ‘month’ parameter is native to Textpattern and enables the filtering of articles by posted date. That is, filtering is not actually limited to month (as its name suggests) but we’ve stuck to that naming convention for this plugin. The ‘month’ (i.e. date) is passed in the URL like this: ?month=2009, or ?month=2009-02

Attributes (optional)

  • month. E.g. month=“YYYY, month=“YYYY-MM” or month=“YYYY-MM-DD”


	Executed statements

<txp:rcb_if_month month="YYYY-MM-DD">
	Statements executed if dates match
	<txp:else />
	Statements executed if dates don't match

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19 Feb 2009

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