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*This plugin has been combined into

Both ras_enable_articles and ras_disable_articles conditional tags are included. These conditional tags compare article posting dates to attribute settings and return contained content accordingly.

ras_enable_articles selects article content (as true) for display for the length of time, as set by the attributes, since the article posting time.

ras_disable_articles disables article content (as true) for display until the specified time has passed, as set by the attributes, since the article posting time.

Both tags will accept an else clause and negative values for attributes can be used as well as positive. All calculations are offset from the present by comparison to past or furture posting times

These tags are intended for use in an article form; they should, however, return article values in page templates in single article mode as well (Ver TXP 4.0.4).


  • days: (integer 1 equals 1 day)
  • hours: (integer 1 equals 1 hour)
  • minutes: (integer 1 equals 1 minute )
  • : fractional values in decimal are allowed but not required
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08 Nov 2006

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