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Using this conditional tag you can compare a date specified in an article custom field with a date specified in the tag or with ‘today’.
This way you can eg. control the visibility of an article or its part according to dates.

The msv_if_custom_article_date tag is a Conditional Tag, and therefore a Container Tag, The tag will execute the contained statement if a date set in a specified custom field is greater/less/greaterequal/lessequal/equal/notequal compared to a date set in the tag.


The tag has the following syntactic structure:

...your content here... 


  • is=“greater/less/greaterequal/lessequal/equal/notequal” (default ‘equal’)
  • date=“date in format” (default is today)
  • customfield=“number of a custom field with a date associated to article” (default ‘1’)
  • dateseparator=“a character that separates day, month and year in a date string” (default ‘.’)

Other notes

  • In case the specified custom field is empty, the contained statement will be executed.
  • Date in a custom field should be in format


*Classical ‘publish until date’ condition.*

The article will be published until date specified in the custom field number 4 (date in format ‘’).

<txp:msv_if_custom_article_date is="greaterequal" customfield="4">

*More complicated example*

The Content will be published if date specified in the custom field number 1 (date in format ‘dd-mm-yyyy’) is less than 11th November 2006 (date in format ‘dd-mm-yyyy’).

<txp:msv_if_custom_article_date is="less" customfield="1" 
dateseparator="-" date="11-11-2006">

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25 Sep 2006

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