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Similar to the glx_if_frontpage tag from the no-longer-supported glx_if plugin. Most of glx_if’s functionality is now available through core Txp tags, but not this (well, not without an absurd stack of conditional tags). To glx_if_frontpage it adds txp:else /> compatibility, and a couple of attributes for more control.

soo_if_frontpage evaluates to true if the current page context is:

  • an article list, and;
  • not search results, and;
  • not a listing of articles by category, and;
  • not a listing of articles by author, and;
  • not a listing of articles by month, and;
  • not an image page, and;
  • (optionally) in one of the sections listed in the section attribute, and;
  • (optionally) a single-page list or the first page of a multi-page list, if the pg attribute is set.

Information and download.

Why? I was cleaning out some Txp cruft and was going to get rid of this little plugin, which I’ve been using privately for years. But re-discovered that it is genuinely useful for at least one small but important situation: styling the Home link in a nav bar. I want to give this an “active class” only if it is truly the home page, i.e. <>. Very cumbersome to do this with only core Txp tags.

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08 Jul 2009

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