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I wanted something like a simplified blogroll that shows up in the sidebar, but only for the commenters of the current Site, and only if they are trusted and set to display.
This currently, is not possible, using Textpattern’s native tags, as Mary also confirmed, just using article_custom to output the blogroll.

This is why this plugin exists. It will make sure, that:

  1. No commenter domain get’s displayed multiple times in the blogroll.
  2. Only trusted commenters (The ones, that are set to display) are part of the blogroll list.
  3. It doesn’t care about the articles, that the comments commenters belong to, which is precisely, what we need here.

Can be used either in a form or pagetemplate and also has an option, to display the commenters domain instead of their names as linktext.

There is a short article, explaining why, here

Version 0.2 Changes

  • Removed erronously and obsolete rel=nofollow attribute
  • Added, new attributes: modus, order, limit, offset and icon
  • Discarded unreliable array_unique function and refined query parts for more exactness and sorting flexibility
  • Now possible to sort by most loyal commenter domains, while still discarding multiple domains.
  • New multi domain modus, allows for multiple domains, provided they belong to unique email addresses.
  • Order refinement, with descending posted value as secondary query argument through tag attributes.
  • New order by posted modus

Version 0.3 Changes

  • Corrected 2 Syntax Errors

Changes v0.4

  • sort and limit attributes are now working correctly
  • Fix for modus 3
  • Article owner domains are now excluded from the result by default.
  • This last feature can be overridden with the exlude attribute to be set to any commenter name

Changes v0.5

  • Fix for the http:// protocol delimiter
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Initially released:
02 April 2007
Posted here:
02 Apr 2007

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