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This plug-in is no longer being updated, not it is guaranteed to work correctly anymore.
Please, from now on, refer to the superior rah_comment_spam.

This plug-in does two things:

  1. it checks author’s name, e-mail address, URI and message of a comment against certain words or phrases, which you can declare by replacing or adding as many
    $finder[] = 'insert spammy word or phrase';
    as you need.
  2. it checks if a comment begins with 4 or 5 uppercase words or digits.

If any of the above returns true, the plug-in will flag the message as spam. If you’d rather prefer not to deal with spam and simply block unwanted comments before they are stored into TXP database replace this line:

$evaluator -> add_estimate(SPAM, 0.6);


$evaluator -> add_estimate(RELOAD, 1, 'looks like spam');.

You can customize the “looks like spam” message with one of your choice.


Edit the plug-in and replace or add as many

$finder[] = 'insert spammy word or phrase';

as you need. Example:

  • $finder[] = 'cialis;
  • $finder[] = 'viagra';

and so on.


Most of the work was done by Mr. Warren with his excellent mrw_spamkeywords_urlcount with a little help from me and a lot of help from Ruud van Melick.

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7 march 2007
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07 Mar 2007

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