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Fine, textpattern has already provided a recent comments tag. But someone love it and someone hate it. And it indeed is not so powerful enough. So, this thing was born.


  1. class: css class, default is wyn_recent_comments
  2. wraptag: tag of wrap, default is ul
  3. break: tag of every item, default is li
  4. label: title label, default is nothing
  5. labeltag: tag of title, default is nothing
  6. limit: number of comments to show, default is 10
  7. wordcount: the length of each comment. The comment whose length is longer than this value, it will be cut off, with UTF-8 support. default is 10
  8. messagebreak: if a comment has been cut off, this value will be showed after it. default is ‘…’
  9. format: the things to show. you can customize it by using tags (%content% for comment content, %commenter% for commenter name, %time% for comment time and %title% for post title). default is %content%
  10. atitle: the title attribute of generated a links. tags can also be used here. default is %commenter% on %time%
  11. section: limit the comments into one section
  12. timeformat: the format of time. it uses standard PHP time format, you can refer PHP doc to know more. default is ‘%d %b %Y · %X’, a little difficult :D
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2008 / 04 / 04
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04 Apr 2008

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