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A JavaScript management plugin for Textpattern.

Create, edit and delete scripts in Textpattern admin and export on save to external (static) JavaScript files.

REQUIRES: Texpattern 4.5.1 and PHP 5 (and Minify for minifying output).

Please read the instructions and notes before use.

A combination of two previously-released plugins: stm_javascript by Stanislav Müller and rvm_css by Ruud van Melick. Thanks to the original authors and to Jukka (Gocom) and Stef (Bloke) for invaluable feedback.

Features include exporting scripts as files to a directory, optional “type” attribute type=“text/javascript” and changing the tag argument from n= to name= to bring it in line with default css syntax.

Re-written for Textpattern 4.5.x.

For Textpattern 4.4.1 and below use this version.

Version history

0.51 – November 2012

  • Fixed issue setting prefs in 4.5.×.

0.5 – November 2012

  • Rewritten for Textpattern 4.5.×.

0.41 – June 2012

  • Italian Textpack added (thanks Marco);
  • Last version to support Textpattern 4.4.1 and below.

0.4 – May 2012

0.3 – May 2012

  • Fixed delete issue with script names containing dots (thanks Yiannis).

0.2 – April 2012

  • French & German Textpacks added (thanks Patrick & Uli);
  • added compatibility with forthcoming Codemirror admin theme.

0.1 – April 2012

  • first release.

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April 2012
Posted here:
20 Apr 2012

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