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This plugin is provided by the GroupDocs’ document assembly service. It allows you to easily publish online forms on your web pages and then automatically incorporate data entered by users via these forms into your document templates. This way you can automate creation of applications, letters, sales quotes, contracts, etc. – all documents that require user-specific data.

To start assembling documents , follow these steps:
1. Install the plugin.
2. Upload your document templates to your GroupDocs account (.doc, .docx and .pdf formats are accepted).
3. Create an online form and questions associated with the template. This can be easily done from within the GroupDocs interface – no additional software or services are required.
4. Publish the form on your website and invite users to fill it in.
5. GroupDocs will automatically incorporate the data entered by users via the form into the template and save it as a completed document.

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13 Dec 2012

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