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This plugin features simple LaTeX-like rendering of mathematical formulae without the need of having shell access to the server or an installed LaTeX distribution. Rendering is done using Mimetex.


  1. Compile or download mimetex.cgi (
  2. Upload mimetex.cgi to your cgi_bin directory
  3. Copy the content of math_env.php (see download link) into the textarea in the Administration -> Plugins section of Textpattern
  4. Change the path to the mimetex.cgi in the plugins’ preferences
  5. Activate the plugin


You use this plugin the following way:

<txp:math_env>x^2 = 0</txp:math_env>

…this will, e.g., print out the given equation “x^2 = 0” as a nicely rendered image.

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Aug. 31, 2010
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15 Aug 2012

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