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Add a “time to read” indicator for your articles on your Textpattern CMS driven website.


Custom dates, calendars and more.

Should you be looking for customizable date strings, non-Gregorian calendars, dates comparison — this plugin can help.


Output and conditional tags for article modifcation information

Show last-modified author; run conditionals on last-modified date or author.


Outputs date from URI.

Outputs date from URI.


jQueryUI Datepicker Custom Field

At the request of mrtunes and candyman I threw together this plugin which adds a jQuery UI Datepicker to the Textpattern write tab allowing you to easily add a custom formated date to your article.

Once you’ve added location data to your articles you can use this data in an unlimited number of ways. Map your articles or add a map to each article.


Gives the ability to show how long until a certain event takes place: weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, etc

Pimp your upcoming features or tell people how long before a competition closes with this countdown plugin.


Unchek the “reset time to now” checkbox on article edit.

Unchek the “reset time to now” checkbox on article edit.


check if an article has been published within a given time

This simple plugin can be used to check if an article has been published within a given time.


Full-featured calendar / schedule / event manager with expiry, future / recurring / cancelled / spanned events. Events are standard articles: all native TXP solution

A calendar / event / scheduling system that uses the standard TXP article as an event. One-off, recurring, cancelled, multi-day, past, future, expired and holiday events are all catered for.


Adds a select form to jump to a specific month in a mdp_calendar or zem_event calendar.

A plugin that gives the ability to go directly to a specific month in a mdp_calendar or zem_event calendar without having to page through them one at a time.


Wikipedia events based on date

<txp:jmd_wiki_events/> is a rewrite of mdn_wikitoday. It returns a list of Wikipedia events based on…


Countdown Plugin

An improved (imho) version of glx_countdown. Attributes year month day hour minute delimiter – defaults…


Add the expiration of the articles to the write tab

This plugin add the option to the write tab for expiration of the articles.


conditional to expire article based on posted date

It tests for a set length of time, or greater, in the past against the…


Posting time based article content selection.

Both ras_enable_articles and ras_disable_articles conditional tags are included. These conditional tags compare article posting dates to attribute settings and return contained content accordingly.


listing of past, today’s, and future articles separatable by day posted

aaa_dates is a simple plugin to organize lists of event dates using single articles announcing single events (with their posting day and time set to the event accordingly).
The plugin separates articles of today from articles with future or past publishing dates (the last two incl. or excl. today). Just that, no other luxury.


Conditionals based on dates

Using this conditional tag you can compare a date specified in an article custom field with a date specified in the tag or with ‘today’.
This way you can eg. control the visibility of an article or its part according to dates.


Manage publication times for links

jjj_link_pub_time uses javascript to extend the form in the links tab to have a timestamp option identical to the one in the write tab. It also includes a <txp:jjj_linklist /> tag, which is identical to <txp:linklist /> except that it leaves out links with a future date, so you can schedule a link’s publication.


An automated copyright notice generator.

Updated to v1.0 (May 10th, 2006)

A simple plugin that outputs a copyright message with dates automatically pulled from the articles in your TXP installation.

This effectively means you (and your clients) can forget about having to do copyright notice maintenance—yeah!


Event Manager

Download jmc_event_manager v0.2beta Preamble The jmc_event_manager is a plugin/hack for textpattern created to allow users…


Last Site Modified

Shows the date/time of the last update to your site.


Customizable comment time.

Allows you to override comment date/time format.


Posted Dates for Links

This plugin is not needed anymore, the functionality is now available in the core (v.4.0.4).…


Display current date/time

Display current date/time.


Date-based archive

Displays a nested list of articles grouped by year, month and day.


Use any date format

tcm_fundate is a drop-in replacement for txp:posted. It allows you to use basically any date format that you would like – using php’s date function.


Countdown time to a given date

This plugin will display how long time it is until a given date and when that date is reached it will display whatever text you want.


Make the posted date linkable to date-archives

I put together an alternative to the standard &lt;txp:posted/&gt; tag. The major addition is that each part of the date (year, month and day) will be hyperlinked.


Use old posted format in RC3

This plugin allows you to use the old date formatting beyond rc2.


Last updated date and time

tcm_lastupdate returns the date and time of your site’s last update (the last article posted). It uses the same options as txp:posted.

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