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Extensive calendar / schedule / event manager that caters for one-off, recurring, spanning, date omission, cancellation, and expiry of current/past/future events. All written within the native TXP article paradigm: one article = one event, no extra tables, no extra widgets, no extra fuss.


  • Full-size or mini calendar by month with optional ISO week display
  • Next/prev month or optional dropdown of week / month / year navigation
  • Filter events by category / section / author / status / time or expiry
  • Future, expired and sticky events may be displayed if you wish
  • Specify holidays, on a per calendar basis, upon which certain events cannot be scheduled
  • Each event/cell can be passed to a form/container so you can build it your way
  • Class soup, if you choose: table-, row-, cell-, and event-level classes, plus custom classes
  • Conditional for flags (recurring, spanned, cancelled, holidays, etc) and dates so you can build your own logic in your form/container
  • Tag like article_custom for recurring events
  • Tags to set cell/event classes and output various characteristics (e.g. the month, year, calendar id, section and so on)
  • Tag to display the current date/time (formatted how you like) which is useful for making date-based decisions via conditional tags and plugins

Based on mdp_calendar and graciously sponsored by mrdale, woof, jakob, renobird and joebaich. Many thanks to all involved.

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21 Dec 08
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06 Jan 2009

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