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Avoid hazardous indexing

How to prevent indexing a test site and to serve (or not) content according to a given production status.


Serve content to EU visitors only

A conditional container tag to serve content to EU visitors only (e.g. a cookie-prompt: see usage notes below) or non-EU visitors (via <txp:else />) tag.


output_form with parameters

Answers an old question – again – from the forum: Passing variables through txp:output_form


CodeMirror syntax highlighting + Zen Coding

A syntax-highlighting plugin for Textpattern admin – now with Zen Coding (Pages, Forms & CSS).


Insert images from the Write tab

Select images that have already been uploaded to Textpattern and add them to articles directly from the Write panel.


external file editor/management plugin

An external file editor plugin.
Create, edit and delete external (to Textpattern) files in Textpattern admin.


Google Maps V3 Plugin - 2 Markers Supported

Plugin based on V3 of Google Maps, and also supports 2 markers (Or single marker, or can include more markers over 2 on request!)

Google maps API has changed from V2, you do not generate API keys based on url input anymore, you now use your existing Google account and go to


Detect Mobile Browser

Option 1:

<txp:pro_mobile> // Show mobile content here </txp:pro_mobile>

Option 2:

Use as an if/else:

<txp:pro_mobile> // Mobile content here <txp:else /> // Regular content here </txp:pro_mobile>

Option 3:

Define custom...


JavaScript management

Create, edit and delete scripts in Textpattern admin and export on save to external files. Now with added minification.


A spoiler plugin that gives you foldable areas

This plugin gives you the power to create fold-able boxes, that you can click on to hide or show. Just as you know it from many forums.


Allow registered users to change and reset password

A companion for cbe_frontauth: users can change and reset passwords for frontend.


Redirect visitors based on referrel site

Redirect your known visitors to a specific section of your website.


Poll / Ballot / Voting plugin


Poll – Ballot – Voting plugin


  • Create votes/polls/ballots for your website.
  • Vote Info is added/edited on the Admin->Vote tab.
  • Presently up to 10 vote options can be set.
  • Ballot fraud check methods include a choice of cookie, ip, login. Cookie (default) reverts to IP if cookie can’t be set.
  • A closing date and time for your ballot can be set. Leave blank or set to ’00-00-00 00:00:00’ for a never ending vote.
  • Option to show results before voting closes or not. (Unless never-ending vote chosen)



Change metas after page rendering

Set or change html page <title>.. , <meta name="keywords"... , <meta name="description"...
on runtime inside any tags or including forms.

This will avoid a large(MONSTER) code in the...


Cron inside Textpattern

Simple cron inside Textpattern.

In cron job you may use any PHP code and call any TxP function inside Textpattern enviroment.


Global variables

This is an easy way of getting hold of TXP global variables.

Just specify the variable you’re interested in & adi_globals will find it & return it’s value, e.g.

<txp:adi_globals name="page" />

will return the current Page...


Apply wraptag / label to any tag, plugin or content and apply transformations to the data

Wrap any content with standard Txp wraptag / class / html_id / label items and run the content through a sequence of transformations in the process. If the content is empty, no wrap is performed or the <txp:else /> is executed.


Join stuff together

adi_join is a simple little thing to join stuff together. Useful for creating comma-separated lists of data.

Simply put the adi_join tag around the output you need joined:

	...statement 1...
	...statement 2...
	...statement 3...

and you’ll...


Admin-side form links

adi_form_links is another plugin designed to speed up workflow.

It gives you a list of TXP forms referenced by the currently viewed Page or Form template. From this list you can then jump straight to the form edit/create tab.

See the help supplied with the plugin, or have a look


Recent Items

adi_recent_tab is designed to speed up workflow – especially during website construction.

The Recent dropdown menu shows a list of articles/images/links/pages/forms etc that you have recently visited in the admin interface.

The Recent tab (click on “Recent”)...


Enhanced Page Tab

This plugin is an enhancement to the standard TXP Page templates tab to give you:

  • an indication which sections are using the current page template (i.e. the ones that are greyed out)
  • the ability to assign the current page to a new section (select one of the non-greyed out sections &...


Browse all 4 main content types on the admin side by Category using a select list

Using a dropdown select list, browse all main content types on the admin side by Category (and Section for Articles). Replaces lam_browse_by.

rah_bitly integration

Bitly powered short links for articles. Shortened links are generated automatically when article is posted, and stored in a custom field of your choosing. All needed preferences, including Bitly API key, can be set easily from a graphical admin-side user interface.

Rah_bitly gives an easy way to automate the...


Love redirects, hate 404s

Redirect URLs producing Textpattern 404 error pages to other URLs anywhere on your site or the web using a 301 permanently moved server message.

Requirements: Textpattern 4.5+

Full documentation and...


Does a little house cleaning on new Textpattern installations.

Allows you to quickly cleanup the default content on your new Textpattern installations.

Additionally allows you to install plugins, script other changes to the preferences and configure the presentation layer.


Manage many users, groups and privilege settings from a single interface

Maintaining many user accounts (e.g. self-registered accounts) is no longer a chore. Provides complete user, privilege and group (role) management.


Authors can connect from frontend to their backend account

This plugin answers an old question asked in the french forum: se connecter depuis une page du site.

It can be summarized as “I want to be able from the site to connect to my Textpattern account, and if I am connected to see something special for me”.


Passes argument to php rawurlencode function

sho_urlencode is an extremely simple plugin similar to etz_striptags. It passes its argument to the php rawurlencode function and should work with all versions of Textpattern.
It was necessary to create this plugin in order to get the Facebook Like button working for me and keeping any php code from the...


Yet another keywords/tags plugin

Another interpretation of the “Keywords” field. Developed with a tagcloud in mind, finally offers other features.


Visitors can rate articles (based on wlk_helpful)

This plugin has two functions: rate an article by voting plus or minus, and return a list of best (or worst) rated articles.

All 1085 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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