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Define information for authors

This plugin provides the ability to also define a URL, nickname, bio, email and image for each author on your site which can then be displayed on article forms. It works just as the plugin does for sections. It is ideal for sites with multiple authors.


This plugin generates a Firefox button for your site based on those available on the SpreadFirefox! site.


Frontend Edit Link

This plugin will add a link to your posts that will take you directly the edit screen in your textpattern install. The link is hidden by a cookie that you can turn on or off. You will need to be logged in to textpattern to be able to actually edit the post, this plugin provides a shortcut from a post directly to the edit...


Blosxom ratings

This plugin is a port of Rael Dornfest’s ratings plugin for the elegant Blosxom. It shows a rating in one of four styles: as a number, as text, as stars or in a graphical format.


Dynamic image gallery

Gallery that allows you to use a wide variety of options for format and display thumbnails, text and pictures.


Formatted contact cards redux

This plugin produces a list of authors and administrators for a site with additional contact information: titles, e-mail, and an image link. This is similar to xkl_contact_card but adds the ability to add captions, and uses forms instead of blocks for formatting.


Formatted contact cards

This plugin creates a formatted list of the authors and administrators for a Textpattern driven site, and provides options to display images, and/or e-mail addresses as well.


Improved article custom

This plugin operates the same way as the base Textpattern article custom, however it adds the additional ability to take comma separated lists under the section and category parameters.


Section linking

This plugin creates a link back to the current section, without needing to know what section it’s being called from. For example, I have a section of my site that is largely independent of the rest. For the title, I wished it’s “homing” function to go back to the section top, rather than the site top. Ergo,...


Section archival

This plugin creates a list of permalinked article titles split out by month, year, and day. It is also possible to set the section that the articles are taken from. Many of the features have been supplanted by the far more versatile rss_suprarchive at this time, so this is really only included for...


Section override

This plugin modifies the sectional context for an enclosed block of code. This was an experimental sort of plugin at the time, and likely if you find you think you need this plugin, you might want to rethink how you are going about everything. Still, it’s included for completeness. Don’t say you weren’t warned! ;-)


A plugin for "Today in History" events

This plugin grabs the the current date page from the Wikipedia. It then parses out the “Events” section, and picks a few of these events at random for use on your page. The entire block is surrounded in a div with a class name that is supplied by the tag parameters. The number of items is also selectable as a parameter. It...


Pick an article to transform into a guestbook

A plugin that transforms an article into a guestbook. Main features are reverse ordering of comments and paginated comments.

  • Create a specific section for your guestbook. Next, create an article that you want to nominate as guestbook. Fill the article body with the text to be shown at the top of your...


A Time Since generator

It takes a certain date specified in parts (i. e. year, month, hour etc.) and spills out a ‘time since’ information for the event, both past and future.

If some units are not provided, no values for these units are returned either. Some examples:

  • <txp:fha_time_diff year="2004" month="3"...


Output the number of words in an article.

To use it simply add this tag to your article form template


Output the number of articles in...

This plugin will output the number of articles in a specified Section and/or Category. It has attributes called section, category, and wraptag.


To show custom fields

Use the tag from this plugin to display the contents from your custom fields.

    Usage examples:
  • <txp:rei_show_custom />
    Shows the first custom field you have (custom_1)
  • <txp:rei_show_custom customid="2" />
    Shows the custom field...


Plugins Table Generator of plugins on your site

This plugin is quite simple; it will generate a list of the plugins you have currently installed on your Textpattern site.


Redirect for Textpattern URLs

301 redirect and 404 not found handler for Textpattern articles. Redirects browsers and search engine spiders to the correct article URL after a title or section change, and displays a 404 response for articles that don’t exist.

Textpattern articles are currently reachable via several different


Article counting plugin

This plugin will count the number of articles in a particular section. It will also count the number of articles with a given category (in either field 1 or 2).


Google-styled page navigatioon

This plugin creates a navigation bar as seen on Google when you search for something. It has a wide variety of attributes so you are able to customize it untill you drop.

As of version 2.5 it was renamed from ob1_googlenav to ob1_pagination.


Some additional category Tags

1) Article-Form-Tag: Shows Categories, if they are set. (can only be used in an article form)
<txp:asy_showcat link="true" /> link is optional. If the article has categories set, this will output a text like (filed under catName). If link is set to true, catName will be a (section-aware) link.



Random Image from category

I created a plugin that will randomly pick an image from a category (or comma separated list of categories) and then output information assocated with that image. Some of the information that can be retrieved within a form are an <img /> tag for the large image or thumbnail, the author, the caption, height, width, image and...


Random Image by Category

A little like Dean’s random image plugin, except this picks an image from those already uploaded through TXP.

Accepts a single attribute: category. Set this to the name of the image category the images should be picked from. Without specifying, the default behaviour is to pick from all...


Easy image links

This plugin will generate targeted links to pre-sized popup windows for images uploaded via Textpattern. Here’s an example.

You can use either the image name:
<txp:dca_pop name="hugo.jpg">a picture</txp:dca_pop>

or Textpattern’s internal image id:


Meta description and keywords tags

Thought it would be neat to have the use of the meta description and keywords tags in the had section again...the whole semantic web and all, you know. So I made my first plugin:

The tag <txp:jad_metadata /> goes in the HEAD section, and uses the excerpt for the meta-description tag and a...


Custom field conditionals

This plugin provides a number of conditional tests for custom fields.


Expansion on permalinks

<txp:zem_link> creates links. It works as a replacement for txp:permlink, and it can also be used to create direct links to articles and pages. <txp:zem_link>linktext</txp:zem_link>

In an article form, works the same as txp:permlink

<txp:zem_link title="permanent link...


Custom article list plugin

The chh_article_custom plugin is an enhanced replacement for txp:article_custom and txp:article, offering features like context-sensitive operation, support for multiple categories/sections, hierarchical category searching, and advanced date/time selection.


Beginning of Article to Form Excerpt

Provides the <txp:beginning /> tag allowing automatic excerpt generation from article body based on length attribute

I think there have been a few other plugins that will automatically create an excerpt (in fact one was just posted), but this one is a little different. Instead of including the first few words of...

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