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<txp:zem_link> creates links. It works as a replacement for txp:permlink, and it can also be used to create direct links to articles and pages. <txp:zem_link>linktext</txp:zem_link>

In an article form, works the same as txp:permlink

<txp:zem_link title="permanent link to '%s'">linktext</txp:zem_link>
Same as txp:permlink, except with a title attribute. The optional “%s” will be replaced with the article title.

<txp:zem_link href="25" />linktext</txp:zem_link>
Direct link to article #25. In clean URL mode, the URL title will be appended. If a “title” attribute is supplied, it works the same as for a permanent link, with “%s” replaced with the article title.

<txp:zem_link href="foo/">linktext</txp:zem_link>
Creates a link relative to the textpattern root.

As of version 0.3, it’s possible to use zem_link as a self-closing tag in certain circumstances:
<txp:zem_link href="25" /> – Direct link to article #25. The article title will be used as the link text.
<txp:zem_link linkid="15" /> – Direct link to link #15. The link name field will be used as the link text.

All of the above forms support the following attributes:

*update: wet_link processes zem_link tags as well

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23 Nov 2004

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