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Outputs search query information from the referer and also provides a function to check if the visitor hits your site via a search engine.


  • <txp:kd_searchkeywords /> to get the search query string
  • <txp:kd_if_searchreferer>You searched for “<txp:kd_searchkeywords />”. Following...


Attempts to correctly title-case text.

A Textpattern port of the Wordpress plugin Title Case by Adam Nolley. It is ultimately based on code by John Gruber.


Leave notes for Textpattern users

Once installed and activated, you’ll get:

  • new tabs under Home, Content, Presentation and Admin to present your pearls of wisdom
  • public & private notes embedded in all Textpattern admin pages
  • a tab under Extensions, to set up...


A football plugin

CNK_SOCCER gives you the possibility to manage football league from your textpattern backend and display league-tables and next-game notifications on the front-end.

You can manage any number of league, connect clubs (with logos) to it and then set up games in rounds. When goals are editet, points and other...


Allows custom, ad-hoc queries to be made to the database and each row parsed by a form.

Talk to the database directly via SQL. Plug a query in and use a form or container to iterate over the returned rows. Supports article, file and link mode processing as well as <txp:variable /> and URL variables.


Conditional if browsing from mobile device

This plugin adds conditional tag to determine, if user is browsing from mobile device, or not (using “else” clause). Browser detection function by Andy Moore – dotMobi Certified Mobile Web Developer. I’ve just wraped it into TxP plugin.


Last.fm weekly album charts

This plugin displays a nice, bite-size, ordered list of your last.fm weekly album charts. If you have any questions or commentary, please contact me by using the contact form on my website.


The plugin’s configuration is handled by the source of the plugin (for...


Easy External Link Creation

This plugin is a hack to get around the fact that Textpattern doesn’t have a native way to create links with a target=”_blank”.


Weather from Finland

Outputs a various weather information from Finland’s most bigest cities.


Social Bookmarking Quick Links

Social bookmarking plugin for textpattern. Currently supported are: del.icio.us, digg.com, stumbleupon.com, facebook.com, reddit.com
More will come in the next version and per request.


cwh_hobo is a plugin that will generate a random hobo name from "The Areas of my Expertise"

cwh_hobo is a plugin that will display a random hobo name from John Hodgeman’s list of 700 hobo names taken from his book The Areas of my Expertise. Once installed, you use it by simply placing the follwing in any article, page, or form within Textpattern:



Offers custom text replacement; from emoticons and smilies to keyword links.

an7_filter offers custom text replacement; from emoticons and smilies to keyword links.


Timed CSS Stylesheet Swapper

Timed CSS Stylesheet Swapper

This plugin changes the stylesheet based on the time. zen_css will load the specified stylesheet or it can append the default section stylesheets with specified text. During the times not specified, the default stylesheet for the section will...



txp_twitter is a plugin which writes a tweet at your space at twitter, each time you write or edit a post.

The instructions to install this plugin are easy. First of all, you have to download the plugin and install it into your textpattern installation. Then you must edit...


Adds a 'help' tab to the 'Content' area of admin. Intended to be used to provide documentation and help for end users/site editors.

Update v0.6 21st August 2008

Added a few enhancements:

  • edit tab name
  • configure integration of hak_tinymce
  • option to automatically direct clients to this tab when they sign in rather than the default (new article)

Update v0.5 1st August 2008

  • Updated for txp...


a Ajax rating system for Textpattern


css_rating is a Ajax rating system for Textpattern based on Unobtrusive AJAX Star Rating Bar


  • uses CSS for voting...


Identifies comment spam by moderating those with 3 or more URLs

Tries to block comment spam. It checks against a common set of (configurable) keywords, and also checks to see how many URLs are present in the comment.


Support for spelling using GoogieSpell.


Show contents of database field

Use this tag to access all fields from Textpattern article table in database.


Easily embed YouTube videos into your TXP site.

Easily embed YouTube videos into your TXP site.


manage multiple domains with only one TXP

Allows you to manage multiple domains with only one Textpattern. Download it and read help for the instructions.


Wrap text

jnm_wrap wraps the content after a certain world or custom field.


Google Maps in TXP

The rss_google_map plugin displays locations on a Google Map. It can either display a single location as passed into the plugin, or multiple addresses from articles.

Option 1

  1. When calling the plugin, specify the address, city, state and zip code of the location you want to map....


Syntax highlighting for CSS, PHP and (X)HTML

Syntax highlighting for CSS, PHP and (X)HTML.
For right now, please see the forum thread for more info.


Easy spell checker (by Speller Pages) addition to the write tab of the Textpattern admin interface.

Easy spell checker (by Speller Pages) addition to the write tab of the Textpattern admin interface.


ako_boxover, bringing the Boxover tooltips script to Textpattern.

ako_boxover, bringing the Boxover Tooltips script to Textpattern.


Random Text

Using this little plugin you can add small random anywhere. Quite useful for e.g. assigning random classes.

Simply place

<txp:simple_random_text items="item1,item2,item3" />

on any page or form.
The items parameter contains the items to randomly choose from.


Sends an email if an error occurs

The plugin wan_error_email sends an email to the site-admin if an error occurs that is handled by textpattern (eg. a 404 not found error).


Use cookies in through Textpattern markup

this plugin deals with cookies the Textpattern way. It is works almost in the same way that chs_if_urlvar works for GET variables, barring some differences related to the way cookies are used.

It allows you to write cookie values on the page, condition parts of the page based on cookie value or existance, and...

xor_metatools 0.4.4

XOR MetaTools

XOR MetaTools can convert and display a variety of different string keywords into intelligible information, such as a link to Amazon for instance.

Please refer to the XOR Textpattern Resources project page for bug reporting and...

All 1085 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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