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Embed math formulae in textpattern articles.

Embed math formulae and other Latex-rendered output in textpattern articles.


Partial caching web pages

Caching all inside <txp:aks_cache id="unique block id"> Any content with TxP tags </txp:aks_cache>

Good practice:

  • Cache some menu elements; recent articles list; last added articles list; any popular lists.
  • Cache cloud tags
  • Cache site...


Syntax highlighting using pygments

This plugin adds syntax hightlighting to textpattern based on Pygments, a powerful highlighting engine.


Open recent (and not so recent) Textpattern articles quickly

wet_quickopen is a plugin which...


Textile-Enabled Replacement for txp:title

Provides a <txp:hhh_textile_title/> tag that can employ Textile in processing of article titles. The extent of Textpattern capabilities is controlled by attributes. The tag is meant as a replacement for <txp:title/> and cannot be emulated by upm_textile.


Display article info such as word counts to your visitors. Word count available on the Write tab too

Return article body and excerpt counts to your visitors. Also displays a tally of the number of words in the current article on the Write tab.


Gives the ability to show how long until a certain event takes place: weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, etc

Pimp your upcoming features or tell people how long before a competition closes with this countdown plugin.


Show site visitors which articles have been viewed recently. Most popular or most recent: you choose.

Which articles have been viewed recently, by either date or popularity? Show people what’s hot or not on your site.


Page counting and navigation widgets

Display page navigation widgets and information for article list pages


Additional control over article lists

Allows you to pre-select articles to limit the scope of an article or article_custom tag, using selection criteria not offered by those tags


Chop long articles into smaller paged pieces at some text/tags of your choosing.

Automatically cut long articles into smaller pieces at custom points or on particular (X)HTML tags.


Shorten URLs to just site.com/ID and have the browser auto-forward

Automatically allow short URLs comprising just the article ID for convenience to visitors.


Per-article loading of JavaScript and CSS files

Useful if you use a JavaScript/CSS package such as Slimbox and only want to load the relevant files on pages where you actually need them.


Insert a table in TxP article is very simple!

Insert a table in TxP article is very simple! Select in Excel, IE, Mozilla, FireFox, Opera any spreadsheet, Ctrl + C (copy) and Ctrl + V (paste) in TxP Edit area. Add aks_table tags – that’s all.

Note: plugin support only simple table. (rowspan and colspan – unsupported).


Easily associate a location with your articles

Article Location Map

This plugin will add a Google map to your article tab to assist you with adding lat/lng coordinates to 2 custom fields. Just click on the desired point on the map to set the location or enter an address in the address field for geocoding.

You must set the Google Maps API key...


Navigate beyond the conventional TXP article structure; multiple sections, future articles, the works

Leave the boundaries of TXP’s next/previous article and walk through your articles however you like: across sections; by author; by category; using article_image or custom field navigation; future articles; pretty much anything you can think up.


Multiple choice (select... case) conditional actions

Multiple conditional tests using a select… case syntax for performing many tests against one item.


Multiple-page documents

A system for assembling, managing, and creating navigation elements for multi-page articles.


Full-featured calendar / schedule / event manager with expiry, future / recurring / cancelled / spanned events. Events are standard articles: all native TXP solution

A calendar / event / scheduling system that uses the standard TXP article as an event. One-off, recurring, cancelled, multi-day, past, future, expired and holiday events are all catered for.


This plugin will ping twitter whenever you publish an article.

This plugin will ping twitter whenever you publish an article. This will only notify twitter when in site is in live mode. The tweet message is configurable and can include both a tinyurl permalink to the article and the article title.

This plugin requires curl and php 5.


Add Latitude and Longitude in every article

Make GeoTag (Latitude, Longitude) in every article


…set any two name for Custom Fields (for example: Custom field 9 name Latitude and Custom field 10 name: Longitude)

Visit the Extensions -> GeoTag tab and paste Google API key from Google Maps API and set Custom field name for Latitude and Longitude….


Select a default article category

Allows you to pick a default category for articles, just like you can select a default section.


Implements embedding of Tipd.com's "Tip It" button

A Textpattern plug-in which adds an <txp:mta_tipd_it /> tag which will embed a JavaScript “Tip It” button for tipd.com in your article.


Choose random text strings from a variety of sources such as the database, a file, a string, or a TXP variable/field.

Add some random spice to your pages by picking a random text string from somewhere in the TXP environment.


plugin for votings

Plugin for creating votings.


1. download plugin code from my site: textpattern.martanek.net
2. insert it into field "add plugin" in your Txp administration
3. done

How to insert the pool into article ?

Insert the code: <txp:mdvoting_insert_survey id="5" />


Create a profile for each author on your site.

Create a profile for authors on your site. Including: job title, personal web site address (uri/url), nickname, slogan, bio, phone and fax numbers, start date and image


Abbreviate titles


adi_title will output an abbreviated version of an article’s title.


You can use <txp:adi_title /> in place of the standard <txp:title />.

See the help supplied with the plugin, or have a look

SMS paid content

SMS paid content (english/русская) versions

For using this module you have to be registered at smscoin.net .
English: Registration
Russian: Регистрация
Every visitor of your resource is given an opportunity to vote for it.
User votes by sending a certain message to the specified number by the means of sms; a percent of the message’s cost gets added to your account in our system.
At the beginning of each month all your earnings will be transferred to you via WebMoney or CardMoney.


Re-bases Textile headings in articles to preserve hierarchy

This plugin is useful if you want to ensure that the headings marked up with Textile inside an article body are all subheadings of the article title.

For example, your template might define the article title as an <h3> heading. If the author of the article used Textile h1. or h2. headings, these would...


Events Manager Admin Plugin for TXP

Use this plugin to manage article-based events. Edit events via an YUI AJAX-Powered interface to quickly insert and edit events.
This plugin does not use any additional database to store info.

All 1085 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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