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adi_title will output an abbreviated version of an article’s title.


You can use <txp:adi_title /> in place of the standard <txp:title />.

See the help supplied with the plugin, or have a look online

The idea behind adi_title is to provide some flexibility with article titles, by enabling different versions of the same title to be used. Some specific instances where I’ve used it are:

  • with a series of titles “First one”, “Second one”, “Third one” etc, where I wanted an individual title (e.g. “First one”) displayed in full but with a list of links using abbreviated titles (e.g. “First”, “Second” …) to the others
  • with more meaningful titles visible in the Admin Article View (e.g. “Some topic – Some aspect”) but abbreviated on the webpage (e.g. “Some aspect”)


To give you an idea of what it does, here are some examples:

<txp:adi_title length="2" /> – output the first 2 words, e.g. “This title is a bit too long” becomes “This title …”

<txp:adi_title offset="-2" /> – output the last 2 words, e.g. “Not The End” becomes “The End …”

<txp:adi_title length="5" append="!" /> – output the first 5 words & append exclamation mark, e.g. “I bet you can’t guess what this says” becomes “I bet you can’t guess!”

<txp:adi_title offset="1" append="" separator="-" /> – use a hyphen as the separator & skip the first slice, e.g. “Good morning Smithers-Jones” becomes “Jones”

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6 jul 2008
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07 Jul 2008

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