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What is ads_geotag?

Make GeoTag (Latitude, Longitude) in every article

Installation (Setup page)

Download the GeoTag plugin (v0.1 and above), paste the code into the TXP Admin -> Plugins, install and enable the plugin.

Visit to Admin -> Preferences -> Advanced and set any two name for Custom Fields (for example: Custom field 9 name Latitude and Custom field 10 name: Longitude)

Visit the Extensions -> GeoTag tab and paste Google API key from Google Maps API and set Custom field name for Latitude and Longitude. And press Save button.


After installation GeoTag plugin on page Content -> Write view GeoTag link (Top left corner). Click on link for Show/Hide slide Google Map (div size: 484px on 350px). Search your location and make by click (view result in Advanced Options), Write and Save your article.



<txp:ads_key />
Get Google Maps Api KEY
<txp:ads_lat />
Get Latitude article
<txp:ads_lon />
Get Longitude article

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21 Dec 2008

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