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Batch enable/disable Textpattern plugins with one click of a button

wet_plugout is a plugin for Textpattern which allows the site administrator to disable all active plugins with one click of a button and re-enable the previously active set later on. This procedure is probably useful in the rare case of plugins conflicts.


Edit robot.txt with Textpattern

Edit the robots.txt file at website’s root with this Textpattern plugin. After activating it a new extension tab is created, which can be accessed by any Textpattern user with Publisher privileges.


Multiple image upload

This plugin allows you to upload images when editing articles.
This allows you to quickly and easily create beautiful gallery using this plug & smd_gallery.


Twitter integration with Textpattern

Access your Twitter account through both the admin interface and the public side of your site. Update Twitter when you post a new article (with article-by-article opt out option), update and view your Twitter feed through the admin Twitter tab, and display Twitter feeds on your site.


Search the TXP database


This plugin gives you a way of searching the database from within TXP Admin.

It’s a bit like smd_where_used … that looks in more places, but without the “lint”...


Simple bookmarklet to easily add links

This plugin allows you to use a bookmarklet to add links to your Textpattern site. It is quite similar to what Pinterest and other services use these days.

Typically adding a lot of links can be very tedious. Using this bookmarklet all it takes to add a new link is to log into your Textpattern site, stay logged in using the checkbox,...


GroupDocs Viewer is an intuitive, all-in-one PDF online viewer that allows you to view documents online with ease. The image rendering is so smooth that the embedded documents retain the exact quality as the original. With this plugin...


GroupDocs Document, Image and PDF Annotation plugin lets you embed documents complete with GroupDocs Annotation into TextPattern webpages.

GroupDocs Annotation is a powerful online annotation application that lets you easily...


Script File Management

This plugin provides a system for managing external script files from within TXP Admin.

  • select script directories which are of interest
  • select which scripts you want to include on your pages
  • define the script order
  • tag scripts
  • restrict scripts to certain...


Cron inside Textpattern

Simple cron inside Textpattern.

In cron job you may use any PHP code and call any TxP function inside Textpattern enviroment.


Recent Items

adi_recent_tab is designed to speed up workflow – especially during website construction.

The Recent dropdown menu shows a list of articles/images/links/pages/forms etc that you have recently visited in the admin interface.

The Recent tab (click on “Recent”)...


Bit.ly integration

Bitly powered short links for articles. Shortened links are generated automatically when article is posted, and stored in a custom field of your choosing. All needed preferences, including Bitly API key, can be set easily from a graphical admin-side user interface.

Rah_bitly gives an easy way to automate the...


Love redirects, hate 404s

Redirect URLs producing Textpattern 404 error pages to other URLs anywhere on your site or the web using a 301 permanently moved server message.

Requirements: Textpattern 4.5+

Full documentation and...


Multi-article update tabs

adi_matrix provides a way of viewing and updating multiple articles from a single TXP admin tab.

Matrixes give you a summary view of multiple articles, where you can make changes to selected data fields & update them all in one go.

Article data is Status (Live, Draft etc), Custom...


Integrate Piwik Web Analytics with the Textpattern Administration console

Replaces the standard Textpattern Visitor Logs with your Piwik Dashboard.


Admin-side partner to Multidoc

Easy Multidoc collection management


Easy EditArea integration

Makes in-browser code editing surprisingly pleasant


Admin splash page

Textpattern 4.2.0+ recommended, tested and working as low as 4.0.7 however. Download here.

Please see the TXP Tip and forum thread for more details and support.


Preference Sets

adi_prefs gives you an admin interface for managing different sets of preference values.

See the help supplied with the plugin, or have a look online.

The Preference Sets tab

This provides:

  • a...


Revision control

Track changes made to articles, forms, pages, style sheets, sections, categories and site preferences.


A navigation management plugin

yab_navigation – A navigation management plugin


External content-type snippets.

External content-type snippets.


Rearrange and style items in the write tab, hide them on a per section basis and more

This plugin aims to be an all-in-one solution for the “write” tab customization. It allows to rearrange items in the write tab, hide them on a per-section basis, remove some sections from the sections dropdown and much more. By combining its features you can get a totally different write tab arrangement depending on which section you choose in the sections dropdown. Used alone or togheter with other plugins (glz_custom_fields and bot_admin_body_class to name a few) it will help you customize the site backend for your clients quickly and easily.


Add fancy tooltips to the admin interface.

This plugin allows to add fancy tooltips to the admin interface using Craig Thompson’s qtips. While completely useless for your self-managed website it can be useful indeed to show customized instructions for your clients.


Adds no-cache headers to admin-side pages

Adds no-cache headers to admin-side pages. The plugin tries to disable all unwanted admin-side caching that could make editing articles and page templates impossible.


Easily associate a location with your articles

Article Location Map

This plugin will add a Google map to your article tab to assist you with adding lat/lng coordinates to 2 custom fields. Just click on the desired point on the map to set the location or enter an address in the address field for geocoding.

You must set the Google Maps API key...

wet_snitch: Secret feed of unpublished articles

share contents with other editors with secret URL

wet_snitch publishes a feed of unpublished articles on a secret randomized URL.

Suitable for sharing upcoming contents among a team of editors, authors and publishers.


Select a default article category

Allows you to pick a default category for articles, just like you can select a default section.

wet_haystack: Add additional fields to full-text search

Custom fulltext search index builder

Add more fields to the fulltext search index
Textpattern’s full text index uses the articles’ body and title contents to find proper matches for site-internal searches.
wet_haystack is a plugin for Textpattern CMS which allows site publishers to modify this default behaviour by adding additional article fields to the set of indexed content.


Turn Write tab's article status radio buttons into select field

Change Write-tab’s article status radio buttons into a select field.

All 1085 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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