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I’ve updated the google_hilite mod for TextPattern by Dean Allen. I’ve gone ahead and changed it into a plugin, so rather than uploading a php file and inserting php into your pages, you now just insert tags to get the same functionality.

The two tags are:

  • <txp:myt_google_hilite />
  • <txp:myt_google_welcome />

You also need to add .hilite { background-color: [color of your choice]; } to your style sheet.


There is a new attribute on the <txp:myt_google_hilite /> tag. You can add the color=”#[hex value]” or color=”[text color like yellow or white]” attribute to define the hilite color. If no color is defined, it uses the color “#FFFF99”.


There is another new attribute on the <txp:myt_google_hilite /> tag. You can add the class=”[class]” attribute to define the class for the hilite color to avoid interfering with your own styles. If no class is defined, it uses the class “hilite”.

There is a new attribute on the <txp:myt_google_welcome /> tag. You can add the text=”[text]” attribute to set the text that will be used to welcome Google users. If the text attribute is omitted, it defaults to “[Google search terms are highlighted]”.

Many thanks to Andy Warwick for all his help debugging and suggesting features!

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19 Nov 2006

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