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Generates customised clouds of most popular Tags (Keywords) out of Custom or Keywords fields. Could be also used in Meta tags, see examples in manual.

Supports filtering by:
1. Currently used category
2. Pre-specified category
3. Currently used section
4. Pre-specified section
5. Currently opened article

Output can:
1. be ordered by popularity / randomised (most popular keywords will be shown anyway)
2. be limited by number of tags
3. contain number of times each Tag has been met
4. be customised with an easy to use pattern

Besides, you can quite simply define maximum and minimum size of font for Tags – it’s not randomly choosen size, every tag will have a size, which will depend of it’s popularity.

Plugin also includes vir_if_tags, which will first check, where any tag exists under your conditions or not. Even if you will use vir_if_tags, there will be only one SQL query done to complete whole job!

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16 Sep 2008

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