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bsl_audioscrobbler, continued3

Audioscrobbler Plugin, Continued3

among the changes, bsl_audioscrobbler has been given a new attribute: preventcaching, which adds a parameter to the request to the audioscrobbler server to prevent caching of the response.


Aggregator for Textpattern

Fetches RSS headlines and returns them as RSS


Trackbacks from Textpattern

Send trackbacks from your Textpattern site.


itunes What's Playing Now integration

This plugin works with Brad Fuller’s “What’s Playing Now” script and inserts the currently playing…


assign Technorati-specific tags to your articles

Allows you to assign Technorati-specific tags to your articles, as described on the Technorati tag help page.


uses Now Playing iTunes

utilizes Now Playing iTunes visualizer by Bandon Fuller


Technorati Cosmos

This plugin displays the Technorati Cosmos for the current URL or, in other words, other people’s posts linking to yours.


Show PunBB forum stats

PunBB statistics made viewable in Textpattern


Audioscrobbler recently-played list

Creates a list of your recent played songs received from


Full polling capacity for Textpattern

tcm_poll is a plugin system in the style of tcm_rating , which uses an extra database table, one php file, and two plugins to provide full polling capacity for Textpattern. It utilizes extra fields for poll questions and answers.


Textpattern rating system

Allows a rating system.


Connect TXP with Technorati

There are at least a few plugins out there designed to better connect Textpattern powered sites to Technorati. This one just uses categories, or multiple custom fields if you need more than two tags on an article.


Get related articles from other blogs via Waypath

Will retrieve related content from other blogs by way of Waypath and their XML-RPC interface.


Display progress of a Dropcash donation campaign

Display the progress of a Dropcash donation campaign in real time.


Image tag for Powell's Books partner program

This simple plugin, for Powell’s Books Partner Program, returns an image tag of a book…


Generate links for Powel's Books partner program

This simple plugin, Powell’s Books Partner Program, returns a “View/Buy this book at Powell’s” anchor link tag, taking the book’s ISBN as its single required attribute.


Shows your pictures in TextPattern

Use your pictures in your Textpattern site.


Add favatars to comments

This plugin allows for display of favatars (favicon avatars) in comments and is intended to be used within your default comment form. The output is a complete image tag; if no image is found or some problem occurs, no image tag is output.


Displays photosets from

Here is a simple plugin which displays a set of thumbnails from using the…


Gravatar plugin

Outputs a users Gravatar in comments. More info about Gravatars at


embed Flash

Provides a textpattern interface for Geoff Stearns’ excellent standards compliant Flash detection and embedding JavaScript.…


creates a blogroll from NetNewsWires

Parses NetNewsWires OPML Subscription list into a HTML list.


Display songs from a Now Playing -style XML file

This plugin will display songs from a Now Playing -style XML file in TextPattern. The…


Displays blogrolling linklist

This plugin displays the link list of your account from Read more at the…

Display bookmarks as TXP links

Inspired by Jon Hick’s Sidebar Links with and wanting something that was easy to…


BBClone for Textpattern

Includes the BBClone counter into your pages; this Plugin makes the BBClone web statistics tool…


Simple hit counter plugin

This plugin works with BBClone. You install the counter script (get it from here), set…

bsl_audioscrobbler, continued2

Audioscrobbler Plugin Continued2

This is an expansion on an existing plugin by Bradley Law. All attributes now…


Audioscrobbler plugin

Audioscrobbler is a service that shows the songs you have been listening to in your…


This plugin generates a Firefox button for your site based on those available on the…

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