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This plugin will display songs from a Now Playing -style XML file in TextPattern.

The ultimate goal of this project is to make available any and all data in the XML file output by the Now Playing iTunes visualizer by Brandon Fuller


  • The most configurable Now Playing TextPattern plugin out there!
  • Uses a form for a template.
  • Will show any information available in the Now Playing XML file. 1

1 It doesn’t show everything just yet, but it’s getting there!

With version 0.6, Added:

  • Ability to show any element outside the normal loop
  • Show the last time the file was updated 3 different ways:
    1. Original timestamp (looks computer-ie)
    2. Formatted any way you like, using the format codes listed here
    3. Time elapsed since “now”, for example (“5 minutes and 10 seconds ago”).

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Initially released:
14th February 2005
Posted here:
18 Feb 2005

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