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Outputs a gallery from an image category to a dl list

This plugin is is a hacked version of jwl_img_list it outputs a gallery from a given category to a nice dl list if the parameter usecaption is set to 1 it outputs a caption under the image.


Return an article image or a standard image

tfu_image_or returns an article image URL or a default value of your choice.


Make an image rollover from two TXP images

This plugin allows you to specify two Textpattern images by name or ID, which will…


Resize image and creates a thumbnail on upload

This is a admin plugin, it adds more options to Textpatterns image edit page. Resize image, create thumbnail and rotate image.

(Original at


Rotating Image

Display a image that changes on a time interval.


Article Associated Image Gallery

This plugin creates a simple image gallery with optional association to specific article. Usage There…


Image slideshow plugin

Displays Next and Previous buttons for use in image slideshows, either with text links or with thumbnails, and display series of photographs organised according to category.


Watermark your images

This plugin will add a watermark to an image on the fly.


Supports thumbnails and multiple images

A replacement for txp:article_image that supports thumbnails and multiple images per article.


Shows your pictures in TextPattern

Use your pictures in your Textpattern site.


Displays photosets from

Here is a simple plugin which displays a set of thumbnails from using the…


Displaying Image Elements

This plugins helps you control how to display a image element inspired by dunstans image tag he explains here


Image replacement

Formerly zem_image_replace A Textpattern plugin that dynamically converts text to embedded PNG images using TrueType…


thumbnail image gallery with full-size popups

This plugin displays a thumbnail image gallery with the option of hyperlinking to a full-size…


Dynamic image gallery

Gallery that allows you to use a wide variety of options for format and display thumbnails, text and pictures.


Random Image from category

I created a plugin that will randomly pick an image from a category (or comma…


Random Image by Category

A little like Dean’s random image plugin, except this picks an image from those already…


Easy image links

This plugin will generate targeted links to pre-sized popup windows for images uploaded via Textpattern.…

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