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This plugin displays a thumbnail image gallery with the option of hyperlinking to a full-size image. It has support for multiple categories, uses paging to split up large galleries, has multiple sorting options and gives you the ability to choose between a table based or float based layout among other things.

Here are the major functions of the plugin:

  • Generates a thumbnail gallery using a table or floated divs
  • Allows multiple categories or use of the global category
  • Thumbnails are hyperlinked to full size images only or to an external page with the image and caption
  • Define the padding around the image in the popup window
  • Supports paging
  • Images can be ordered by name, caption, date asc or date desc
  • Define the number of images per row
  • Can be used to automatically show a gallery based on the current article ID
  • Optionally show image captions in thumbnail view
  • Optionally include a header label in thumbnai view
  • Optionally turn popups off
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7 December 2004
Posted here:
02 Feb 2005

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